Tuesday, November 11, 2008

{Wishful thinking & my new Stalker}

I just wanted to let all my friends and family know that I am not expecting. I have received countless emails about my nausea and illness that has recently come on this week.

I have been on the birth control Mirena since my postpartum checkup after Ruth was born and I don't plan to get it taken out until I have lost all the weight I want to lose before having another baby. (which by the way I have lost 23 lbs so far since September!!)

Yes, we are going to have another baby and will be trying at a later date but for now we are not trying and I am not preggers - just sick with some bug the boys brought home from school that is causing my nausea, light headedness and stuffed up nose & throat. Sam had it first and I have it and now Ruth has it too - just wait and soon I will be cleaning up throw up for days to come.

I do thank everyone who kindly reminded me to go get a pregnancy test but since I am being visited by Aunt Flow and I am using the Mirena birth control - I think it's a bit hard to get preggers right now. I will let everyone know when we are trying and when we have a bun in the oven.

For now, I am content to just take care of my family and try to get Patten, our new dog, to quit stalking me and start hanging out with the rest of the family while preparing for the upcoming holiday season. I almost have everything I need for my christmas presents and Thanksgiving is going to be a bit non-traditional but there will be pumpkin pie!

Did I mention that William said "it's a good thing Patten is a dog otherwise I would have to get medieval on him for stalking my wife". Yes, the dog has a "puppy" crush on me and follows me everywhere and sleeps at my feet and gets all agitated when leave the house. He won't go potty for anyone but me, William has tried and he just lays down waiting to be taken back into the house so I can take him out. He gets all whinny, upset and cries - trying to scratch his way in when I won't let him come into the bathroom with me. Seriously when was it ok to not have a moments peace in the bathroom while doing your business??

It's insane crazy and getting rather annoying but William doesn't mind too much - he hates to take the dog out to go to the potty anyways. Wasn't this supposed to be his dog?? Ruth and Patten compete for my attention, Ruth usually wins out but doesn't mind sharing my lap with Patten. Oh, and he is afraid of Stewart & Shadow, our gerbils. Which they find odd because he could just eat them all up in a few bites, but they do take advantage of it. I think they find it amusing - I know I do.

Oh and did I mention he likes to lick my skin! It's gross, if I am wearing my jammies (which are capri length) he has to lick my toes & exposed legs and if he sees my arm or hand he just has to lick 'em. I really need a spray bottle with water in it so I can spray him when he does it - it's just gross and icky. I mean I like animals and all but don't need them licking on me like I am some sort of salt lick/next meal type of thing. Am I just weird? I do like the fact he doesn't bark much and is very well behaved and calm in the house and loves to play with his "stuffies" (aka: stuffed squeaker toys). He really likes it when the kids grab one end and play tug-of-war with him. Now if we could just get the stalking under control and the licking of my skin - he would just be the perfect dog....

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