Thursday, November 27, 2008

{Thanksgiving Day: What really happened}

I want to start this post off by going over the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

* Being able to spend another year with my husband and hopefully many more to come.
* Having 3 beautiful children who bring joy and laughter into my life on a daily basis - regardless of the frustration I sometimes feel. (I wouldn't have it any other way)
* Being able to spend a fun filled day with my family - enjoying this wonderful holiday.
* Being able to prepare our meal w/all the modern conviences that some in the world may not have. (I would like to have a modern convenience of a stand mixer - hint, hint)
* The ability to capture memories on film for my family to look back on with fondness.
* Having a wonderful and loving husband who cares and continues to do the little things that make me happy.
* Many blessings the Lord has given to me and my family over the past year.


The start of Thanksgiving began around 1 am where I went to Wal-mart to pick up last minuet items for the Thanksgiving "feast". Around 2 am I checked on the gerbils to see if babies had arrived (nope not yet) and then headed off to bed. I only got about 4 hours of sleep before I needed to get up and start preparations and start working on the dinner.

The rolls went in the oven w/the green bean casserole, then the turkey drumsticks (yes, you read right - drumsticks) and the turkey thighs went into the oven (No, we did not do the whole bird). Soon the pie went in along with 3 loaves of wheat bread. While they cooked I took a quick shower and then checked on the gerbils (BABIES had arrived!!).

Soon Clay was back with Jeanie and Ruth helped me create grandma's famous - fruit salad - she also helped me fix mashed potatoes and gravy. Around 1pm we dined on our "feast", (it really looked like a feast, we will have left overs for days!).

Afterwards, the kids and Jeanie watched "Bambi" while I gave Patten a much needed bath. Once Patten was dry we dined on pumpkin pie w/wHip cream (if you have seen the family guy where Stewie puts the emphasis on the "h" in whip you would laugh too - because we were all saying it like "w-Hip cream"). William and Clay went off their separate ways to play their respective computer games.

I gathered everyone to get a group shot outside w/a tripod and self-timer - boy was that a hoot. Clay went down for a nap and I gathered William, Jeanie and the kids together for our fun craft project, (ya know build a turkey with cut outs of your feet & hands - super cute for sure). I decided to put a fun twist on it buy using what I had laying around which included lots of scrapbook paper in fun designs and patters as well as solid colors too, markers and glue sticks. Just look and see our masterpieces below!!

Soon after a "Meet the Robinson's" and "Wall-E" it was time to take Jeanie home. I went with Clay because it was dark and a very long drive and knew he would need some company to keep him awake for the trip back.

Totally a side note but did you know Tom Cruise plays in "Tropic Thunder"? Well he does and his character is just too funny.

Anywho, when we got back - kids were in bed, ASLEEP! and here I am writing my blog, after which I will be headed off to dreamland myself. Below are the images captured during the day. Enjoy!!

(click to view larger)

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