Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{Darn DOG!}

So as most of you know I have a little dog, named Patten. He is adjusting to our home & us to him. I, for the most part am happy with him with a few exceptions:

1. Gets underfoot and has made me fall 4 times - once being when I had a sleeping Ruth in my arms.

2. Barks when people come over and won't stop - it's one thing to bark once or twice but constantly barking at our guests is unacceptable to me.

3. Brings dried poo into the house and rolls himself and it all over the house! This is something I can't stand and makes the whole house smell of an animal stall that hasn't been cleaned in awhile.



Don't get me wrong I know that animals will do strange things & I have had my fair share of Dogs and Cats, but I have never had an animal make me fall because they feel the need to be every where I am at or have an animal bring poo into my house or make my guest feel unwelcome.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can curb his behavior so that I am not constantly thinking of trying to finding him a new home? He really is a sweet dog, but he is driving me crazy with his neediness of me & bringing poo into my home!

I don't feed him or give him treats anymore because he wouldn't go to William or the kids, now only William and the kids feed him. I don't take him with me in the car alone because the only way he goes is if everyone is in the car with me. I don't let him up on me because then he wouldn't be around anyone else. Besides he's not my dog but Williams - I personally would have liked a chocolate lab or a cat. But since we do have Patten I would really like to find out what I could do to stop the barking & poo rolling.

Any ideas?


  1. wow. k9 behavior problems are just that. problems. :( what breed is he? I assume some kind of terrier, or toy breed. they are ALWAYS underfoot. if the poo thing is really an issue, ask your vet for something for that. Patton may have anxiety, and feel the need to be around you all the time. there is natural remedies for this along with meds. (puppy valium) I am a manager at a vet hospital, and we see this a lot. ask your vet though. If it is a problem that is getting in the way of how you and your family live, then the vet should have something to help. (D.A.P = dog appeasing pheramone - spelling? comes in a diffuser, spray, and collar. Clomicalm is a wonder drug for seperation anxiety too.)

  2. Wow! I didn't know they had Doggie Prozac! Have you taken him to doggie training school, like at Pet Smart. That might take care of some of the issues-like the barking and getting under foot. Those seem like just bad doogie manners. You can also have them debarked, it sounds aweful, but my old neighbor has this done to all their poodles and it works magic in their home and for the rest of the neighborhood.
    Good luck! and I like your new title, it looks very Spring-y!

  3. ps, debarking is a bit inhumane - not recommended by the veterinary associations. but some vets do it.

    good luck again!

  4. I've heard feeding your dog pineapple helps with the poo thing. They like to eat pineapple but when it comes out, it makes the poo smell bad (and taste bad for those dogs that like to do that too). As for barking, watch the Dog Whisperer and "be the pack leader". (I"m serious, I love that guy and watching him has helped me a lot with my dog.)


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