Saturday, January 3, 2009

{Resolutions - sorta}

It is tradition to start off the new year setting "resolutions" or Goals for ourselves. Of course I am going to continue on with the tradition, but in a non-traditional sorta way. (in my mind anyways)

Business Related Goals:
(I would love new but will be searching for used too!)

1. Get a new camera (the Nikon D300 w/grip & extra batteries).

2. Buy a RED crumpler bag to hold my camera and all it's goodies (7 million dollar home of course!) Found at the Crumpler store.

3. Buy 2 funky straps in different patters for my camera (so I can style - well, my camera can - while photographing my clients) Found HERE at My Funky Camera.

4. Buy lens cozie's for my lenses so they don't get all dusty! of course they would match my straps too. You can also find them at My funky Camera.

5. Get the Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye lens for my camera. I want to play with it & see what new things I can could capture of my kids playing.

6. Get my business up an rolling her in Idaho & try to push thru the "hard part" of marketing again!

Personal Goals:

1. Spend more time having fun and not being so grumpy w/the kids.

2. Enjoying the little messes that kids do & will make - clean it up and move on w/the day don't dwell on it.

3. Not sweating the small stuff and just enjoying the time spent with my family.

4. Learning to prioritize my time better.

5. Creating a Schedule for the days so that I don't feel so crazed when kids are home.

6. Find time to read a chapter from a book a day.

7. Spend quality time w/each child individually.

8. Find a sitter so William & I can do "date" nights again.

9. Continue making a dent in our debt and get most of it paid off this year.

10. Remember to send out a card to everyone that has a birthday (on time!).

11. Be a better wife & mother & homemaker.

12. Learn how to sew.

13. Keep up w/visit teaching and visit every month!

14. Go to the primary activities - even if I don't want to because the kids will enjoy them.

15. Make new friends w/the sisters in the ward. It's good to have "Adult" conversations!

16. Lose 30 more pounds and then start trying to have baby number 4.


  1. Wow~ Thats quite a list. I hope you accomplish them all in the new year!

  2. #16 - thats a good one. We only have one kid and I told my husband we wont have another one until I feel healthy again, which means losing about 20 more pounds. Good luck! It's a resolution of mine too. I am just too chicken to post it. :)

  3. Love that camera strap! Thanks for sharing the link :)


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