Saturday, January 24, 2009

{Still here...Hurting}

I sit here in front of my computer trying find something to occupy my mind because it hurts swallow & speak. I wanted to go to a immediate care like was available where I used to live or even a free clinic but of course because we make just a bit too much no one will see me without cash up front, which I don't have because I just put the last of my money into my gas tank to get the kids to and from school. I don't blame them and really it wouldn't matter if they would see me or not because I can't purchase any medicine needed until after William gets paid.

So here I sit, hurting trying to figure out projects to keep me busy, not thinking about hurting. One project is my Valentine party for the kids and hopefully my friend, Carla's family. I have a nice little arsenal of crafts that I am going to provide for the kids. Decorating cookies will be a project for them too. Heart shaped of course. Fun cards to give/send to grandparents and a fun poster project that the parents can hang on their walls, reminding them of how small their kids once were. It really should be fun. Not quite sure on what I will fix but I will try to incorporate hearts and or the color red.

I am really looking forward to the get together. It should be fun, for both the parents and the kids. At least in my mind it should be. (fingers crossed)

Well, I need to go take care of a fight that the kids are having...why can't they just be good when it hurts for me to talk? I think they do it to punish me....*sigh*

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