Friday, January 23, 2009

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Below was taken from Jan's blog...she said it so eloquently...

Warning: Harsh verbage and reading ahead. I am just saying my thoughts.
• A woman who is 8 1/2 months pregnant, walks into a gas station restroom, gives birth to the baby, wraps it in toilet paper, and proceeds to drop the baby in a dumpster nearby. Through DNA testing and our Nations justice system, she is found guilty, convicted and sent to jail for murdering her child.
• A woman has 5 dogs. She has them locked in a small area near her home, and is slowly starving them to death due to severe neglect. A neighbor calls and reports her to the police. They come and make a case against her. She is given a huge fine and sent to jail to serve a small term on the conviction of mistreating and neglect of animals.
• A woman is 8 1/2 months pregnant and decides she doesn't want the baby anymore. She walks into a respected hospital where she is induced into labor, and has her baby killed while being born. The abortion fails and the baby is born medically sound. The baby is then placed in a room with no medical attention or nutrition, and is left to slowly die. A man who supports this kind of treatment, is found guiltless, elected President of our country, and we pay for his salary.
I read where we need to move on with our thinking when it comes to the Freedom of Choice Act. I hash it over in my mind. I am in concrete. I am stuck and can't move on. This is the area I don't support and where I publicly step outside the chanting of "Yes We Can" for our country. Because quite frankly,
"No I Can't" [] It's at our doorstep.

I know that because I oppose the freedom of choice act that some think I am stuck in the dark ages of woman being forced to produce spawn because their husbands want to propagate their name. Well frankly, that is not the case. I do believe a woman has the right to choose, just not the right to murder or use abortion as BIRTH CONTROL. I understand if a woman was raped and feels the need to rid herself of what had happened to her once she found out, I don't necessarily agree with it but it is her right because she was violated in such a horrible way. I understand if a woman has to make the medical choice to abort because it would harm her life. BUT I do not agree with the woman who is in her own little world and sees abortion as birth control and can't see that she is killing a life because SHE couldn't keep her legs closed. I DO NOT agree with the woman who "CHANGED" her mind late in her pregnancy and decided to let her child DIE, because she decided her life would be too changed, instead of putting that baby up for adoption.

In my mind, if you decide to kill a perfectly healthy baby, it's murder and you should be treated as such. How is it that we as a country, don't believe in the death penalty for KNOWN murderers but will condemn an innocent to death in the most horrific way...HOW IS THAT RIGHT?

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  1. Arya, so glad I popped over today. I really appreciate your passion and getting the word out. I totally agree with you on this. It is a sad day that we are so very close to something so inhumane. I can't even believe it sometimes.

    Thanks so very much :) Have a great day.


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