Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{Positive Perspective: Day २}

This is for Monday, July 20th

Positive Perspective: Day Two

1. I got to sleep in for a bit.

2. Ruth didn't whine as much as she normally does.

3. I made 4 loafs of zucchini bread.

4. Even though I had to go to the store 3 times I finally got everything by the last trip.

5. William and I had some alone time - which doesn't happen often with the kids screaming all day long. It was nice we just talked.

6. I walked a 1/2 mile on the treadmill.

7. I learned another way to get home from Caldwell. Clay showed me on our way back from getting the stuff needed for the water softner machine.

8. I made some killer pork chops w/carrots & for the kids they also got yogurt.

9. Even though the kids didn't eat dinner w/the exception of the yogurt - I didn't get upset.

10. When the kittens came out of hiding after the kids went to bed, they curled up on me and purred away like little motor boats. It was so nice!


  1. The 1/2 mile treadmill walk & 4 loaves of zucchini bread...woah! stop there, that's an amazing day already. I started my morning with 2 chocolate chip waffles and now I'm just lounging...wanna trade? :)

  2. This was from yesterday...I would love chocolate chip waffles but the chocolate makes my stomach turn due to baby...darn kid won't let me eat my favorite pregnancy food! lol


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