Thursday, July 23, 2009

{Positive Perspective: Day ४}

(this is for Wed. July 22nd)

1. I had my doctors appointment and I didn't sleep thru it!

2. Because the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat I get to have an ultrasound (today the 23rd).

3. Ruth kept making funny faces at me while blocking the moving fan. It was quite entertaining.

4. I actually got my visit teaching done because I have a super AWESOME companion!!

5. The women we visit are just AWESOME!

6. After a nice nap my migraine turned into just a bothersome headache.

7. Aaron showed me the comic he has been working on - it's sooo neat, it's about him, Sam & Ruth only they are super hero's, well, Ruth is the "boss lady". But it's still cool.

8. Because I can never seem to get to bed before 3am -the kittens always put on a show for me late at night. It's quite entertaining.

9. I'm not worried about the ultrasound showing anything wrong. I feel content.

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