Monday, July 27, 2009

{Positive Perspective: Days ७ & ८}

(aka Saturday & Sunday)

1. Played d&d with my Dad, Kitty, Clay & William on Saturday.

2. Watched the first disc of "The 10th Kingdom" w/the kids on Saturday.

3. Finished the last two discs of "The 10th Kingdom" on Sunday w/the kids.

4. Enjoyed watching the kids create their own worlds using the miniatures, dungeon tiles and the terrain William made.

5. I got LOTS of calls reminding me just how wonderful this ward is. Many woman letting me know they were thinking about me and wanted to know if there was anything they could do.

6. I am grateful that we have several fans to circulate the HOT air. I really wish the AC hadn't crapped out on us!

7. Cooked all the frozen meat that got thawed out when the freezer was left open out in the shed.

8. Realized just how blessed I am to have such great friends & family.

9. Got to enjoy my Dad & Kitty when I picked them up for the game and when I drove them home Saturday after the game.

10. Is trying to keep myself busy. Movies help but I have been working on patterns for the ornaments I am going to put in the Christmas baskets I am throwing together.

11. Enjoying my family, loving their antics and relishing in the little joys that make up my life.

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