Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{Hip, Hip, Hurray!}

Hip, Hip, Hurray, Today was a great day!!!!!

See all that whining and finally "Aunt Flow" is visiting!!! Who ever thunk that I would want to have my visit from Aunt Flow, but it just means that things are starting to get back into place so Hubby and I can start trying again for baby #4.

Hobby Lobby now has a store close to me!!! I picked up too much stuff, but at a really great 50% off because of their Grand Opening! How psyched am I!

Thank you Jenkins Appliance for giving me back my portable dishwasher! Oh, how I missed my dishwasher. It truly is a beautiful appliance and one I am glad that is back WORKING in my kitchen!

Although after all my running around, paying bills, getting crafts we don't really need (but make the days cooped up in the house more bareable), getting groceries and spending a long, exhausting but enjoyable day with my hubby...I'm tired but oh so happy!

Aunt Flow's visit made me so happy, I actually cheered OUT LOUD when she came! Can you believe it! I am enjoying the hum of my dishwasher, cleaning my many dirty dishes from the past two days. You have no idea how happy the hum makes me feel, how calm it makes me feel.

I am so happy to have my 1/2 priced crafts, not only did I get more beads but Ruth wanted glitter & cards & foam hearts to make valentines to send out to the grandparents, did I mention the glitter! Oh, how the glitter will flow and make everything oober sparkly, (Ruth's idea & a darn good one too!).

Footloose is just starting on Lifetime. If you haven't seen it, you just gotta! My foot, not to mention my whole body, can't help but move to the beat of wonderful music. Did I mention that I know all the words to all the songs!

The cats are eye balling me, hoping I will pull out the lazer light. They are so addicted, addicted just like a drug addict is to getting their next hit.  Their eyes get all wide and they start to twitch, it's sad & HILARIOUSLY funny!

I accomplished alot today, not everything on my long list, but most of it and it doesn't bother me that it all didn't get done, but most did and that is just great! The rest can wait until tomorrow.


  1. Go you! Good to hear you had a fabulous day!! I love Footloose. I secretly wish my life was a musical : )

  2. never thought I would be congradulating a stranger on a visit from aunt flo.... but congrats!

    Glad you had a good day.

    I am watching Footloose as i type this now - and glitter does a soul good. :)

  3. ps, under the influence of several cans of coke zero now - blaming that for my HORRIBLE spelling. :)

  4. He-he cheering for aunt flow! Good for you. And I love Footloose too! Yay for good days!


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