Monday, February 15, 2010

{I won!}

Lisa at "a whimsical bohemian" created an awesome way for bloggers across the world to get to know other bloggers by creating One World One Heart giveaway event. I participated last year by contributing in the giveaway. This year I couldn't participate with a giveaway of my own but still got to see so many fun and exciting blogs & enter their giveaways. I hope to participate next year. This years theme was "Magic Carpet Ride" and I really did enjoy the many places I found flying on that proverbial carpet ride.

Well the event has ended and guess what? I actually won a few giveaways. I was excited because last year I didn't win and expected the same this year, so you can imagine my shock when I opened my email and saw 3 emails entitled "OWOH Giveaway Winner".

Yasmin told me I won a beautiful set of handcrafted note card, while Kristina told me I had won her handmade red & pink heart blanket and Mallory told me I had won one of her beautiful hand made glass heart pendants. It feels like Christmas all over again.

I am really glad that I was able to travel to so many wonderful blogs. I hope to do the same again next year and be a stop along the way for others.

(image found here on the internet)

As a side note, I hope everyone had a great valentines day. I know I did. We spent the day watching "Farscape" and hanging out with the kids. Our romantic dinner consisted of cup 'o noodle and chocodiles. The kids loved it and it was nice not to have to clean up tons of dishes.

Today was the last day of the 4 day weekend for the kids, tomorrow they go back to school. It was sure nice having them home all this time. I am actually going to miss having them home all day. I think my perspective is changing and the little things just don't bother me like they used to and their fighting doesn't drive me nuts like it did.

Perhaps I am just growing up, (yeah right), or maturing, (not likely), but at least, for now things are running smoother and I am not getting as stressed out as often when it comes to the kids behavior. It could also be that I am getting better sleep now that they are all moved upstairs with us and I am not worrying about a fire breaking out and them being trapped in the basement, (that could be it).


  1. Congrats on your wins! What fun to be getting such gifts show up in your mail soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog and the kind comments about my Gator Boy.


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