Monday, February 22, 2010

{Valentine Swap}

Angie over at American Homemaker had her 600th post and celebrated by hosting a Valentine Swap. She paired up the bloggers that entered and I was paired up with Debbie, who by the way is living in England! I was super excited to get to know her better. I found out she liked pink and so I went with that as my theme for what I sent her and it seemed appropriate considering this was a Valentines Swap. 

This morning I was rudely awaken by the mail man BANGING on my front door.  I was annoyed because I had a serious migraine and was trying to sleep it off before I had to run any errands, but soon my annoyance changed to delight as he was holding Debbie's package! I was so excited to open it but rested a bit more before grabbing my box opener and ripping into it's contents.

Inside was an array of lovlies, one of which was a multi layered tag with the instructions for each item, below is what she wrote, (by the way her handwriting is so elegant):

This was the first tag:
My family motto is
"Share the love."

1 Nephi 11:22 - "And I answered him, saying Yeah, it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men; wherefore, it is the most desirable above all things."

This scripture has motivated me to this choice of items in this swap, especially after our emails & reading your blog! I hope you enjoy them & are happy with my choices.

Debs xx

The second tag:

A snugly romantic TV, just each other.
A gorgeous aroma.

The aroma was a sweet smelling vanilla, I just adore vanilla!

The next tag:
Bath Bombs

Take time out- spoil yourself - spend the whole time thinking of "Him"

The bath fizzers are shea butter and I know they will get used alot as I love taking baths!

The next tag read: 
Diary & Pen

Secure your date nights---keep & enjoy each one.

The next one read:
The Frame

Photo of your both together...
lovey - dovey style!

and the next:
The Tin

Remember all the sweetness you each stand for.

The tin was filled with all sorts of yummy sweetness!

The last tag read:
The book

Record all your valentine days together.

Seriously how sweet was that! Such thought and kindness and it forever endeared her even further into my heart and I just know we will be good friends. I hope one day to meet her. 


  1. Oh what a wonderful swap! How clever is she? And I love vanilla too! and Angie's blog. Fun, fun!

  2. Oh how fun to get such a lovely gift in the mail.
    It must have truley made you smile.
    I love surprises.
    and valentine gifts cause they are full of LOVE
    and who can't use alot of love in their life


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