Saturday, February 6, 2010

{Lost tooth}

Sam lost one of his bottom baby teeth on Thursday while he was at school. It's a tooth he's been working on for almost a month. The reason I bring this up is because while Ruth was working on a valentine project around eight tonight Sam comes up stairs and his mouth is bloody, his hands are bloody and he looks at me and points to a half pulled top front tooth and says he can't get it out. I wanted to chuckle at the situation because he looked like he had chewed down on something living the way the blood was smeared around his mouth and hands, ya know zombie like. (sick I know, but that's what came to my mind first)

I asked if he wanted me to get it the rest of the way out and he shook his head yes and so of course I twisted and yanked. I told him that he needed to let his teeth fall out on their own and not FORCE the pulling of his last baby teeth. (the reason I said this last part was because he knows if he loses his teeth, daddy will buy them from him, for a great price!)

The kids got their valentines done today for all the grandparents. Going to mail them out on Monday. I am still sick with this darn head cold but it appears to be getting better, well sort of. I am still stuffy but not as dizzy and it doesn't hurt to have my glasses on, so that's progress, right?

I have glitter everywhere and little foam heart stickers plastered all over the table. Good thing I am not worried about the finish on the table. I knew crafts would take place there. I really hope that I am feeling 100% on Monday. I need to get the last tax form to the people who do my taxes then we can get our tax refund.

Well, going to bed. Hope to feel a bit better tomorrow. I hope to get some pictures of Sam's new smile tomorrow as well.

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