Thursday, February 25, 2010

{Kid friendly laptop}

I found an awesome blog called Journey into Unschooling. It contains lots of great information about a woman's journey home schooling her children and it contains fun projects for kids & adults to do. I can't wait to create this laptop shown above and delve farther into her fascinating blog.

I am seriously looking into home schooling my own kids. I am not happy with the school they are in, serious behavior issues have come about that were not present when we they were going to their old school, which I loved & really miss. 

I think that taking the time to teach them ourselves I know that they will get a great learning experience and we will be able to have field trips and great art projects to help bring home what they have learned. I am thinking that this will be a great experience for William and I as well. We will become closer and have more control over what behaviors they will be exposed to.

Besides, I want to get to know my kids and I can't really do that when they are gone all day long and come home cranky and crabby flinging attitude all over the place. I want there to be peace and more harmony in our home and with them going to this school, it's just not happening but with home schooling I think we will get more of a home life that we want and that would be more productive for the kids. I feel they are getting lost in that school and not getting the one on one attention that they deserve and need to thrive. 

They are truly starting to fall thru the cracks and the teachers are understaffed and overworked and have too many kids in their classes to do a good job. They don't know my kids, they are just 2 in a great ocean of kids. I know my kids learning style and what works and what doesn't and I feel like I am not being heard at this school. At least if I am teaching them I will be heard and so will they.

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  1. We plan to unschool Emma. She is not technically old enough for school, but we have already begun. When you treat life as your school, it makes learning fun and interesting. I have a few blogs and websites that deal with home/unschooling. If you are interested I can put a list together and send them to you in an e-mail. Actually, that will be my next post on my family blog, Ready, Set, J.E.T..
    Oh, and starting on the 1st I will be offering a giveaway on my crafty blog, KaoticKrafter Blog.


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