Friday, September 3, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh in: Week 27}

It's been a long week. We did closing on the house we wanted buy on Monday but due to the seller not finishing things it took too many days for us to actually get the keys (those days were stressful), but I didn't let it bring me down too much (well don't ask my realtor as she may say I was a bit manic) and ate healthier meals and tried not to binge out on junk food (which was my desire most of the week - but I resisted)

So I was surprised to know that I had actually lost weight this week. How awesome is that! MJ has been moving like crazy and I swear she is bruising up every part of my insides before she comes out! I am almost 31 weeks, the time sure has flied by.

The kids start homeschool next week and they are looking forward to it! I promise to have some pics up of the house soon - but mind you it is crazy here so it may be a week or so before it actually happens. Below is my progress:

Current Weight: 291 pounds

Weight loss/gain: -2 pounds

Total Weight loss: 14 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 54 pounds to go

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! can't wait to hear about the house.


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