Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{34 Weeks}

I decided it was time to do the bare belly shot! Stretch marks and all - but due to poor lighting and me being lazy they didn't show up nearly as bad as I thought they would. I have just a little over a month left before MJ gets here and it's kinda scary that there isn't much time but at the same time it feels like it's taking FOREVER!

I got the crib all set up in the room Ruth and MJ will eventually share together, (for the first month or so she will sleep in our room in the pack'n'play). Ruth was super excited because she got to help me put it all together. I am glad we got an easy functional crib that's not too hard to put together.

I see my OB next week and I am looking forward to it because I just love his scale! It's not digital but "old school" and it shows me lighter then the one I have at home (which is digital and I think off a bit).

Anywho, below are my bare all images to show that I really am showing and getting HUGE. I swear I feel like a gianormous whale most of the time just lumbering around the house. I am having an extremely hard time picking anything up off the floor right now and my appetite has increased but so have the braxton hicks contractions. I am just happy that I am below my pre-pregnancy weight, which means that when MJ is born I will weigh alot lighter, right?

(you see the stretch marks the most in this image - they are all over my belly, I swear it's like a roadmap from each child I have carried)



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  1. It's coming soon!!!! the closer the date is, it seems like time is flying by faster and faster.

    I am super impressed at your diligence in weight loss during your pregnancy also. It is inspirational to me. :)


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