Saturday, February 26, 2011

{Pneumonia & Influenza B}

Ruth never had Influenza B but she does have pneumonia though - found out not from the ER doc who saw her last saturday (he figured 'cause MJ had it that Ruth did too) and not from her pediatrician  this past Wednesday but from the ER doc at St. Luke's in Boise who saw Ruth that Wednesday night (with all the kids in tow might I add) and they admitted her and it was just today that they let us go home...

So there won't be a weigh in for me (although I gained weight from last week) but I am going to take the rest of this month off from weighing in and worrying about my weight because I have little ones who need my attention instead...

Below are some snaps taken with my hubby's galaxy tablet that I brought with me to help pass the time when the girls were sleeping and so I could get online and keep every one up to date via Facebook. MJ was the only one allowed to stay with me in the hospital room because I am still breastfeeding & William stayed home and watched the boys and made sure they got to school while we were gone...

Ruth was given that big ol' bear and they made sure she had lots of toys to play with while she was confined to her bed.

and it made her day when her daddy showed up with grandpa because she was missin' him something fierce!! Daddy that is...

MJ was enjoying her time with grandpa who had to keep his distance from Ruth so as not to infect Kitty with pneumonia as she is susceptible. I just love that they both have the same "sad" face.

After daddy left, the star wars crew came by to visit - they couldn't come in 'cause we were under "quarantine" (due to MJ's Influenza B and Ruth's pneumonia) but she knew the boys would "be sooo jealous" that she got to see them! 

"The evil Moose" made Ruth and I laugh! Thank you Anthony & Laura for coming and cheering us up and bringing me some much needed ice tea!! Your visit was much needed and I needed the laughter! You really uplifted my spirit with your visit!

While Ruth slept MJ kept me company that first night.


Ruth played tea party with her bear (and then again with both bears (she got one from laura & anthony)).

These were taken the morning before we found out we were leaving!!

YAY!! We are going home!!

We are so grateful for all the prayers and well wishes we received while we were at the hospital with Ruth. Before we left they did a second XRAY and found that her lung is getting better and not worse so that is huge! She will be on antibiotics for the next 8 days and then it will take up to a month for her lung to heal properly - I was told she will be contagious for a few more weeks (at least until her cough is gone).

MJ is doing well, has a nasty little cough and congestion but no fever anymore but because she had a fever 24 hours before her 4 month well baby check up she has to wait to get shots til monday.  MJ is 25" long and weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 9 ozs! she is in the 75th percentile for weight "even with her illness" as her pediatrician said.

So there it is, I have a house full of sickies and some are more sick then others - I am praying I don't get it but due to being run down myself I can feel the bug trying to take hold of me - hoping it waits til all my littles are feeling better so I can be sick in

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{My sick Girls}

My girls are resting...Ruth had a 104.3° temperature this morning - got it down to 101° and got an appointment for her tomorrow (it's the soonest they could squeeze her in - which is right before MJ's 4 month check up)...snapped a couple pictures of them sleeping with me on the couch w/my cell phone.

MJ is sleeping on the "boppy" on me as Ruth sleeps at the other side of the couch w/Sorry in between

MJ has a slight fever but keeping it in check w/the tylenol and keeping her head propped up so she can breath easier - poor girl is soo congested.

Ruth propped herself up w/her special sick pillow (a body pillow folded in half) with her special blanket and Sorry at her feet...

Monday, February 21, 2011

{Influenza B has infiltrated}

(image found here of Influenza B virus)

Influenza B has infiltrated my home thanks to the parents who thought it would be great to send their kids to school with a high fever instead of keeping them home, YAY us!

Sam got it first and was out for 2 days, Aaron got it next and was out for 3 days, Ruth got it next and is still down and out, going on day number 5, MJ has it too but not as severe as Ruth but not as mild as the boys, William got a little bit of it but missed the whole shebang by sleeping it off and I can now feel the starts of it creeping up on me due to lack of sleep taking care of MJ and Ruth.

I had to take Ruth and MJ to the ER the other day because both had high fevers (MJ was at 102° and Ruth was at 103°). They tested MJ to see if it actually was the flu and to rule out the respiratory virus that can be quite severe to babies - thus knowing which flu bug is flying around our home, Influenza B.

The ER doc seemed annoyed that we don't do the flu shot/nasal spray every year. Let me explain why we don't do it. I was told that I needed to get the flu shot when I was pregnant with Aaron and then again was told that I needed to do after he was born if I didn't get it before - I waited til after he was born and not only did I get flu-like symptoms from the shot but ended up with the flu virus not covered by the shot and was sick for almost a month. So NO we don't do the flu shot but all the kids are vaccinated and up to date on their shots, we just don't do the flu shot.

By the way this is the first time since I got the flu shot all those many years ago that we actually got the flu.

Right now there is nothing the docs can do and I am to continue what I am doing to help Ruth and MJ combat their fevers, aches, pains, chills, cough & congestion.

Yesterday was a rough one because Ruth had a temperature of 105° and I had to give her a luke warm bath, we had our home teacher come over and give her a blessing and between the bath, blessing and the help of two little medications (Tylenol & Ibuprofen) we got it down to 101° and it's been hovering between 101° - 102°.  Today she's still not up to her normal self but she has eaten a little and is sleeping away the day to help her feel better.

MJ is seriously congested and with the aid of some saline mister and the little suction ball I am able to keep her pretty happy and with the help of the infants Tylenol I am able to keep her temp down as well.

So keep us in your prayers as we battle this nasty little bug with gusto!

{Banana Muffin}

I came across a quick and easy banana muffin recipe that anyone can make using ingredients found in most pantries (including mine, which is saying alot).

This is a picture of my muffins cooling on the rack.
One muffin contains 166 calories, 28 carbs, 6 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber.
This recipe yields 12 muffins (exactly, which never happens, right?) or 1 loaf, I used my large pampered chef scoop (works beautifully to fill my regular size muffin tins to the perfect size). These muffins freeze beautifully and taste even better the next day!

Pre-heat your oven to 350°


Mix these ingredients together in the bowl you plan to mix everything in:

4 large banana's mashed (I used a mashed potato masher it worked beautifully)
1/2 cup of sugar
1 egg, slightly beaten
1/3 cup melted butter

In a separate bowl whisk these ingredients together:

1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups flour


add the dry ingredients to your banana (wet) mixture a little at a time - making sure to incorporate all the flour. Once all mixed up, placed the mixture into your muffin tins, put in your pre-heated oven and bake for 20 minuets or until a toothpick comes out clean.

You will have some actual banana chunks in the muffin which is a nice surprise. If you want nuts, just add a small handful to your batter.

I am going to try this recipe using a blend of gluten free flours next time to see how it turns out because I am wanting to try and cut as much gluten out of my diet as possible. I will let you know how it all turns out.

Friday, February 18, 2011

{2011 Weigh In: Week 7}

Another week down and I know it's not weight related but Auntie Flow has visited me - FINALLY!! I am irritable grouchy and all too bloated - sucks but I can't get past the giddy at her arrival (read here to find out why)!

This week has been a struggle as I have been craving sweet stuff like mad and giving in like mad - now I know why but it still drives me nuts that I couldn't control it - it's something I am going to have to take one day at a time.

The good news is that I am down 4 lbs from last week and that makes me oober happy! I have been eating better and working on taking out as much gluten as I can and it seems to be making a difference with MJ and the bloating I have been feeling. I have also been working on getting the excess salt out of my diet and now my swelling has started to go down - YAY!!

Next month I am going to get some gluten free flours so that I can start baking bread and what not with it - found a great homemade recipe for a substitute for All purpose flour so that I can still make goodies and such but without the gluten in them. I realize that this is a topic that has brought on much debate on my facebook page and I just don't get why becoming Gluten free is such a big deal. Just cutting what I can from my diet has really improved not only my tummy troubles but MJ's as well and it's not like I don't get enough protein either. If you know why, let me know.

Below is my last 4 weeks of progress or lack there of in some weeks. Sorry this week is just short and sweet but that's the jist of it as I need to go grab MJ so she can eat and then I can fish dinner out of the oven - ribs with homemade BBQ sauce - yummy!

Week 4 weigh in: 275.5 pounds

Week 5 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

Week 6 weigh in: 286.5 pounds

Week 7 weigh in: 282.5 pounds

total weight loss/gain: + 2 pounds from week 1 (- 4 lbs from last week)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{OWOH Winners}

The winners of the One World One Heart "door prizes" are the following:

the (2) winners of a signed 5x7 "In the Clouds" print matted to an 8x10 are the following:

the (2) winners of the magnet of the "In the clouds print" are the following:

I will contact everyone either by email or on their blog today. Thank you to everyone who entered and I sure did enjoy reading all the wonderful blogs!

(2) winners of this print & (2) winners of a magnet of this print

Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Happy Valentines Day}

find image here

Here I am writing this while MJ sleeps as do the rest of the kiddo's but I know that the boys will be staying home due to sickness and I will need to make sure that the valentines the boys worked so hard to make will get distributed tomorrow without them being there.

I swear this crud the boys brought home is a pain in my rear end! Sam got it first, now Aaron has it and I have been feeling achy and more tired then normal and I have a sick sense that soon Ruth will come down with  it too, (why did I think it was a good idea to have so many kids all at once?).

Anywho, enough about that, check out the cute and wonderful valentines my kids made today when they were feeling a bit more upity - they only had 2 requirements from me for these 1) make sure it has at least one heart 2) make sure you put some sort of border around it - and I would scan it and make it the right size for them to make cards with for their homemade valentines:

Happy Valentine's Day From Aaron

Happy Valentine's Day from Sam
Happy Valentine's Day from Ruth
I am getting these made into magnets along with the image below for our fridge because I want a constant reminder of how awesome my kids are and how much I love them (really I don't need a reminder so much as I need more magnets and why not have ones that showcase my family and their artwork?).
I am working on doing a water color of this for my wall but until then this one will work for my fridge!

As a side note, (been having alot of those in this supposed valentine post), I am working on getting stuff out of my house and into the basement and rearranging things so I am not looking at boxes of things I still haven't found places for (especially my laundry/mud/pantry room). I need to make room for family that may come this month and a chest freezer next month and other items that I need to get to relieve myself of crazy boxes.

We wanted to downsize and I am glad we got the home we did but I didn't downsize enough and I am struggling with what I am willing to let go of and how creative I can get when it comes to storing items I want to keep but haven't figured out where to put yet. Who knew downsizing would be so chaotic!

Anywho, I hope you all have a super HAPPY VALENTINES DAY tomorrow and give those you love a little extra love and attention and remember to carry the love with you through out the year because you just never realize how short our time really is here until it's too late. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Revamps & Great Finds}

I don't like to spend a whole lot on things - I am the "Queen of Cheap" according to my husband - but love to have things that have personality and style and look like they may have cost alot.

I have been looking for a console/hall table thing for my livingroom to house the game systems and all the various games and try to get some of the horrible looking cords out of the way. I scoured craigslist and finally found something that would work and right before I called it was gone *sigh*, so off to the local thrift stores I went *hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the stores I go* 

I went to several and the last one I went to had exactly what I was looking for, I got him to drop the price from $20 down to $15 because it needs some work (like peeling top & missing knobs). So behold one of my project for this summer:

(ignore my messy home)

(notice the retro tower off to the side? It's got a 3.5 floppy drive)

A few weeks back I picked up a mirror from out of my Uncle's storage unit, it was a flashback to the late 60's early 70's and it's made from some cheap plastic for the frame but with a bit of spray paint & some dry brushing it's got some flair. Take a look at it now:

(super fun and exciting now)
At another thrift store I found a couple prints by Danny O'Connor for $8.50 per framed print and I must say I  got a great deal considering they are just prints of his original work and framed which would run $140-500 each print. They bring a nice pop of color to the kid area in my livingroom.

(Danny O. prints of his original collages)
I have lots of things I want to finish up this summer, the dresser/sofa table above, my desk & dresser in my room all need to be refinished this summer - I am really looking forward to my various projects! It's going to be a great summer!

Friday, February 11, 2011

{2011 Weigh In: Week 6}

All I can say is *UGH*! I have been stressed out lately (no excuse) but have been emotionally eating all the wrong foods and it shows as I gained all of what I have lost starting in January and even gained back some of what I lost last year - can you say *UGH* with me....

I really need to get this emotional eating under control and I need to keep reminding myself that food is not a comfort but something to help keep me living and not something I need to be over doing in any way!

I have been working on exercising and trying to work myself up to 6 days during the week (Sunday's off) and I am getting close but still not there yet. It's a work in progress and I am working on it one day at a time - same with my emotional eating. Some days I am doing great and other days I just fall flat on my face and it hurts bad when I smack my nose on the pavement and I feel like a huge failure.

(really how am I supposed to be wonder "Mom" if I keep gaining weight and my costume won't fit)
 (image found here

Well below is my weight gain and it's so very frustrating for me...not only did I gain back the 7 lbs I lost this month but added another 6 on top of that...*sigh*

Week 3 weigh in: 275.5 pounds

Week 4 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

Week 5 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

Week 6 weigh in: 286.5 pounds

total weight loss/gain: + 6 pounds from week 1 (+13 lbs gained this week)

I know some of this is because I have been extremely bloated and gassy lately (too much info, I know, but it's true), so I am hoping that when it gets gone some of that weight will be gone because that's alot of weight to pack back on in only a week. *sigh*

Friday, February 4, 2011

{2011 Weigh In: Week 5}

I can't believe it's week 5 already! Time sure has flown by and I have stumbled and failed many times over those 5 weeks but always got back up and tried again. Each day is fresh and new and we can make them anything we want, right?

This week was the end and the beginning, not only because of the end and begin of months but the end of very little exercise and the beginning of new active me!

I joined the YMCA on the first of February and the reason I choose them over the many other option I had, and believe me I had lots and all wanting me (so they said), was because they were family friendly and had options for my WHOLE family not just for me and they had pricing on their website and were so upfront about how much everything was going to cost and I didn't have to sign a contract. Even before joining they made me feel welcomed and made my family feel welcomed!

So now while I work out, my kids can go to activity rooms/child care, where they get to play and have fun and get just as much out of the experience as me. They can be in the pool with us because they have an awesome pool area that not only caters to what William and I need but for what my kids need too!! And have I mentioned how great their customer service is?? Well it is, and it's not just lip service like I got at the other gyms but they were genuinely happy to help me and my family if we had any questions. It's been a great delight to come and use the facilities whenever we want (during their business hours of course) and it's the best gym experience I have ever had!!

My eating has been pretty good, stumbled a bit here and there but it got right back on track, I have been using the "My Fitness Pal" and it's been a great support for me along with Angie's "Healthy Me" blog. I use the my fitness pal to help me keep track of what I eat and how much I eat so I can adjust my eating to what it should be (been doing it on my own but it helps to see it on paper, which I have never done).

I am happy to be moving again and feel motivated to keep it up not only for me but for my whole family. Sure, eating healthy helped me lose 25-30 pounds but I have just been stalled and in just the few times going to the "Y" I have lost inches around my waist and that is a big deal to me!! I went swimming with hubby and I did 9 laps (to one end and back was 1 lap) and I felt the burn but it felt so good to be out doing rather then sitting on my butt!

I went to Target to get some more workout clothes, mind you I shop the plus section and they have most of the women's plus stuff sized 1 (16/18), 2 (20/22), 3 (24/26) & 4 (28/30) now.  Well the yoga pants I got BEFORE I was pregnant were size 4's and after having MJ I was in a size 3 and when I went to get another couple pairs because the 3's were too big for working out I found I am now in a size 2 and they don't hug me (I hate when clothes are too snug fitting on me - show too much of what I want to hide)!!

I have also noticed that the jeans I had before I got pregnant are huge on me & even the jeans I bought after having MJ are now too big and they are size 24's. All the skirts I have are size 26 and they are all too big too!

(image found here)

Anywho, on to the measurements and the weigh in:

Week 2 weigh in: 280.5 pounds

Week 3 weigh in: 275.5 pounds

Week 4 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

Week 5 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

total weight loss/gain: - 7 pounds lost since week 1

 now for the measurements:

NOW (this week)    -    BEFORE (last week)

49" Bust 49" (same)

55" Hips 57" ( - 2")

46" Waist 48" ( - 2")

16" Arm 16" (same)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

{One World One Heart World Tour}

This is my 2nd time participating in this event. Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian has been keeping this going for 5 years and sadly this is the last year. If you would like to participate please check out the rules page at OWOH.

The Rules:

This giveaway is open to bloggers across the world and to win all you have to do is leave a comment. How easy is that?!? Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in your comment (email or blog address). NO anonymous comments will be allowed.

If you're the one who wins my "door prize" (which  will be choosen by I will contact you via the contact info you leave in your comment.

The give-a-way will end and a winner will be chosen February 17th. I will contact the winner as well as post it on my blog.

A little bit about me, I am a wife to my loving husband of almost 12 years and mother to our four beautiful children. I have a small photography business that has been on the back burner for a short while  but now I am moving it to the front burner. I have 2 spunky and crazy cats as well as 2 wild and insane dogs. 

We just bought our house this past September and it's a bit surreal that we actually own the place we are living - no landlord to call when a problem arises - kinda scary but exciting at the same time! I am in the process of losing weight to get myself down to a more manageable size and so that I can be more active with my children and hubby. It's been a struggle but once I get into the groove it will be AMAZING!

My life has become a bit of chaos and as I sort it out I am finding that it's not really as chaotic as I once thought and things are doable and if I just take things as they come life is so much more manageable and if I remember the next day is new and fresh and the old one is behind me I can keep my focus...

Now onto my "Door Prize":

I will be giving away a 5x7 print matted to an 8x10 of my art shown below (minus the watermark) and it will be signed by me. This is a photograph that I took and turned into a digital painting using photoshop. It's one of my favorite works of art and it makes me smile every time I see it and I hope you do too.

Because I don't have a place to pull out my tangible art supplies because of my children's need to "help" me with my creative process I find I am using the computer to help me release some of my creative energy. I hope you enjoy and please remember to check out the other bloggers who are on the One World One Heart journey! When I created this post there was 722 bloggers participating in the journey!

**Note: I have decided 2 lucky bloggers will win a print & 2 will win a magnet of this print for their fridge or other metal object**

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{How I am doing so Far}

Below are my goals for the New Year...Lets see where I am at now - a month later:

1. Lose 42 lbs : I actually changed this to 76 lbs that needs to be lost by the end of December 2011 - I wanna get down to 200. I am at 279 lbs right now and will start at the gym today (just later since it's 1:07am right now).

2. Become more Domestic. I am making more meals at home (we only went out/take-out a few times in January - hope to make it zero times in February). Still working on the chore chart thing - it's kinda a pain in the rear end...

3. Do more crafts with the kids.  I have done some crafts with the kids (see my new header, I turned it into a coloring page for them and they loved it) They even drew me a picture of our house & the family. Not exactly where I want to be but I am getting there.

4. Spend less time in front of the TV. I am working on this, but most days the TV is off for the majority of the morning and afternoon - it's not exactly where I want it but it's getting closer to being off all the time now.

5. Take a photo a day.  Ok, this one I completely failed on and bailed on doing it around the 15th or 16th day. But it did jump start my love of my camera again and now I reach for it more to capture those special moments.

6. Get all our debt paid off.  working on this and hope to have the car paid off & most of the student loans done by the end of the year...had to rework for some trips coming up this summer - thinking about getting a part time job after this summer is over with (maybe MJ will be taking a bottle by then).

7. Go to Reunion this year. We are still planing on going - it's not til July.

8. Make a trip to see Family. We have months set aside this summer for visiting family.

9. Become my husbands "Girlfriend". Not quite where I want to be on this but working on it and trying to be a much better "girlfriend" and wife.

10. Be Happy. I am starting to see more positive through out the day then negative and I am trying to keep things more upbeat and positive at home...doesn't always work but I am a work in progress when it comes to most things and especially being happy.

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