Monday, October 31, 2011

{A lovely Afternoon}

Saturday afternoon my dad and his wife came over and we had a lovely visit while hubby was having his game day with his friends. The kids love it when they come to visit and so do I.

I had planned on the kids going to the "trunk or treat" at the church and I was told it was at five but it ended up being a whole lot later then that and due to it's lateness the kids didn't get to go but they did dress up and show grandma and grandpa their costumes. Aaron was a vampire James Bond, Sam was the 10th Doctor Who, Ruth was a fairy and Myrna was a little pegasus/unicorn.

Below are some images that were captured with my workhorse during their visit!

My favorite image of Grandma Kitty and her granddaughters

My dad being a goober - I love that he's still a kid at heart!

I'm a gonna getcha!

Aaron is James Bond as a vampire and Sam is Doctor Who (the 10th one)

Ruth is a fairy

MJ as the unicorn/pegasus

Boo to you!

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