Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Washington, AGAIN: part 3}

The morning we had to leave my cousins place was a bitter sweet one. We sure do appriciate them letting us invade their home during our trips to Madagin. The night before William played a "One shot" pathfinder game with Jason and their roommate, I played too but was too tired to finish the game - I heard they had a blast finishing it up.

I woke up and was greeted by little William bouncing in his bouncer - isn't he just the cutest guy ever!  The guys were chatting and the kids were playing games. Ruth was playing her old school Nintendo game thing and asking Liz to help her beat the levels on some Mario game. But soon we had to leave and I was soo sad to leave, they have the best family and as I have said before we are so grateful we have them in our family!!

Yes, this is how Jason prefers to be photographed, behind a flipping bird..(haha)

This is one of my favorite pictures of William and Myrna!

I told you Sam is a camera junky...haha

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