Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Washington, AGAIN: part 1}

We had to make another trip to Madagin. I am so annoyed with our "case worker" with the Med Board. She is either on vacation or never at her desk because she NEVER answers her emails or phone messages from us. We sent her all the paperwork she wanted and the paperwork from the EXACT test they wanted to perform but told us we could get it done at The Elks and she never gave it to the doctors to look at so we had to make an unnecessary trip to Washington, which meant that the kids missed a day of school but as luck would have it they only missed the one day as they had parent teacher conferences and were off school for the rest of the week.

I will say even though the trip was unnecessary, we did get to spend more time with my cousins (who live on base), a dear elementary school chum and spend some nice time with my Mom and Dad on our way back home.

Below are some images from our trip heading to Madagin. Mind you all the images from this trip were taking with my "work horse" (aka my point n' shoot). Enjoy...Other parts of the trip to come in the next few days.

This moth was hanging out on the gas station pump - isn't he cool!

Ruth sure thought he was cool

So did Sam 

This guy musta been nervous while the kids were holding him 'cause he kept fluttering his wings like crazy

Aaron thought he was neat too but didn't want to hold him like the others did

At one of the rest stops in Washington the kids chased and caught grasshoppers

This guy seemed to be saying "help, some child has me and won't let me go"

We made it before it got dark! This is Liz and her little Noel - who btw loves to eat dirt...

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