Friday, October 28, 2011

{Myrna's One: part 3}

And then there was cake. I made chocolate cupcakes for the kids because the "free" birthday cake was for the adults as it was a small little round cake and MJ got her monster cake all to her self. She of course didn't finish it but she enjoyed mushing the icing up in her should have seen the bath water all purple

The images in this series were taken with my "Big girl" camera (aka Nikon D200 w/bounced flash). Some of the images were tweaked in photoshop but most of them are SOOC (meaning no editing except for cropping). Enjoy!

This is how you get the frosting ALL the way up the nose!

Who you looking at?

All cleaned up and enjoying Grandpa Barry's hat

Now get it off me!

hey, it can be used as a phone too!

I see you!

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