Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Washington, AGAIN: part 4}

On the way to my mom's we stopped in and saw my dear friend whom I have been friends with since elementary school. She has a cute little girl who is a few months older then Myrna and she's a cutie! It was great to finally stop in and see her and her little angle. Her mom was there too and it was awesome to see her again too.

I have many fond memories of sleep overs and get togethers with them. Jessi has a beautiful home and let me tell you she has the best play room ever! It was jam packed with all sorts of toys and bin stacked full of toys for when her little one gets older. The kids had a blast playing and enjoying eachothers company.

Jessi and I got to catch up and prepare lunch together. It was so much fun and I hope that the next time we stop in we get to stay longer, our visit was much too short.

I found one of these toys for MJ for her birthday because she loved this one soo much

I loved seeing the girls play together

Jessi is such a lovely person and a wonderful mother

I love seeing her and Reina giggle and laugh

This is Myrna at the Water table and she got soaked! but loved it!

MJ enjoying an icecream cone!

For some reason Reina eats the cone from the bottom up

Lunch was all done and MJ got changed and hit the rocking bug

Ruth was sad we wouldn't let her in the kitchen with the car

Jessi, her mom and Reina

Jessi's mom is an amazing seamstress and created the quilt behind her 

Jessi was taking pics of the girls and I was taking her pic of her taking the

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