Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Myrna's One: part 2}

It was a great day. I thought having extra kids (2 brought by one of the players and the neighbor boy who kept popping over made the grand total to 7 kids) over while hubby played his star wars game with his buddies was going to be more difficult then it actually was. Thank goodness for crafts that include paint, marker and crayon!

These images were taken after lunch but before the cutting of the cake. The images below were taken with my workhorse camera (aka point n' shoot). Most all of them are strait out of the camera (SOOC, meaning no editing except cropping took place) but a few have been tweaked a little bit in photoshop. Enjoy!

I have rearranged my livingroom

Albertson's gives you a "Free" cake for your little one's first birthday, you know I had to take them up on that!

This was her own personal monster cake!

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