Monday, October 17, 2011

{Washington, AGAIN: part 5}

After leaving Jessi's home we were on our way to my Mom's for the night. We got there before my Dad went to bed and I actually got to have a nice conversation with him over a bucket of chicken. Poor Rocky (their dog) wasn't feeling so well, I knew this because he crawled over and wanted to be held by me, which never happens.

The next morning my Dad took Rocky to the vet and found out it wasn't too serious just needed some medication and a slight diet change until he started to feel better. Mom and Myrna enjoyed some conversation while the kids ate breakfast and watched some TV.

We left shortly after Dad got back from the vet. It was sad to leave them but we needed to get back on the road and get ourselves home. We all were exhausted and plus Mom and Dad were headed off to Dad's "Brother, Sister Reunion".

Me, my folks and Rocky

Hubby and the in-laws

Aren't they just the cutest!

Me and my Dad

Me and my Mom

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