Friday, October 14, 2011

{Washington, AGAIN: part 2}

So the day of the very unnecessary appointment at Madagin, I brought all the kids with us to let them know just how annoyed and inconvenient driving 10 plus hours was for our family.

I was so annoyed with our "case worker" who acted like she didn't know who we were (she had seen us a month before!) and pretended like she had returned our calls and emails and flat out lied that she hadn't gotten any of the paperwork (complete bull because the week before she told me on the phone she got everything and would let us know if we needed to come down - which obviously she didn't 'cause we were there and alot of the people didn't even know why we were up there!).

Mind you the appointment he had wasn't at the hospital but in another building on base (like 3.5 miles away) and she kept giving me directions like I knew what the names of the streets were and how the base was set up (I had only been on the base 3 times before and then only knew where the hospital was and where the Fisher House was (that was where we stayed when hubby had his brain surgery)) needless to say I was flabbergasted and annoyed with her, but we figured it out on our own and the doctor that he had the appointment with was so nice and looked over the paperwork we had and told us William just needed to do a quick 30 min interview and then we would be done. They were happy with the paperwork from the Elks and were just as flabbergasted with our "case worker".

I was hoping that the kids would be more crazy, but they were on their best behavior and I was a little sad at that...(haha)

Below are the images of our time at Madagin.

I was trying to get a a picture of me and the kids but MJ was too fascinated with Sam

and Ruth's tongue

My kids...Aren't they just the cutest!

MJ was ready for a nap and her sippy (she won't take a bottle but she will take a sippy full of milk)

Ruth and Sam were pretending they were dead and would drag one another around the waiting room

Sam loves to ham it up for the camera

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