Sunday, October 30, 2011

{One Down Three more to go}

I finished sculpting the face of one of the 4 fairies that I am making for Ruth's birthday party. I still have to paint her but I have to wait for the clay to dry first. What do you think? For my very first sculpted doll I am super impressed with myself - I am looking forward to sculpting the teacup fairies I have planned and wondering how they will turn out...

Isn't she just lovely? I sure think she is and Ruth thinks so too. I know hubby was impressed with how well she turned out too. I am just glad to have another creative outlet, I have really missed having one and this fits the bill for me.

Despite the fact that I ordered the wrong size eyes and had to order new ones and even though my patience isn't that great I am really enjoying this process of taking something that looks like an alien and giving it some personality and life.

Aaron wants me to make him a zombie doll and Sam wants me to make him a Doctor Who doll (the 10th doctor to be exact) so I know I will be busy for some time. Now I better get back to getting the other dolls their faces...

I am not a good painter of eyes, so I bought eyes and placed them in - Ruth loves how sparkly they are

One down and as you can see I have 3 more that need faces.


  1. What a wonderful project! I like it!

  2. This doll is amazing :)
    I love it!


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