Monday, October 31, 2011

{A lovely Afternoon}

Saturday afternoon my dad and his wife came over and we had a lovely visit while hubby was having his game day with his friends. The kids love it when they come to visit and so do I.

I had planned on the kids going to the "trunk or treat" at the church and I was told it was at five but it ended up being a whole lot later then that and due to it's lateness the kids didn't get to go but they did dress up and show grandma and grandpa their costumes. Aaron was a vampire James Bond, Sam was the 10th Doctor Who, Ruth was a fairy and Myrna was a little pegasus/unicorn.

Below are some images that were captured with my workhorse during their visit!

My favorite image of Grandma Kitty and her granddaughters

My dad being a goober - I love that he's still a kid at heart!

I'm a gonna getcha!

Aaron is James Bond as a vampire and Sam is Doctor Who (the 10th one)

Ruth is a fairy

MJ as the unicorn/pegasus

Boo to you!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

{One Down Three more to go}

I finished sculpting the face of one of the 4 fairies that I am making for Ruth's birthday party. I still have to paint her but I have to wait for the clay to dry first. What do you think? For my very first sculpted doll I am super impressed with myself - I am looking forward to sculpting the teacup fairies I have planned and wondering how they will turn out...

Isn't she just lovely? I sure think she is and Ruth thinks so too. I know hubby was impressed with how well she turned out too. I am just glad to have another creative outlet, I have really missed having one and this fits the bill for me.

Despite the fact that I ordered the wrong size eyes and had to order new ones and even though my patience isn't that great I am really enjoying this process of taking something that looks like an alien and giving it some personality and life.

Aaron wants me to make him a zombie doll and Sam wants me to make him a Doctor Who doll (the 10th doctor to be exact) so I know I will be busy for some time. Now I better get back to getting the other dolls their faces...

I am not a good painter of eyes, so I bought eyes and placed them in - Ruth loves how sparkly they are

One down and as you can see I have 3 more that need faces.

Friday, October 28, 2011

{Myrna's One: part 3}

And then there was cake. I made chocolate cupcakes for the kids because the "free" birthday cake was for the adults as it was a small little round cake and MJ got her monster cake all to her self. She of course didn't finish it but she enjoyed mushing the icing up in her should have seen the bath water all purple

The images in this series were taken with my "Big girl" camera (aka Nikon D200 w/bounced flash). Some of the images were tweaked in photoshop but most of them are SOOC (meaning no editing except for cropping). Enjoy!

This is how you get the frosting ALL the way up the nose!

Who you looking at?

All cleaned up and enjoying Grandpa Barry's hat

Now get it off me!

hey, it can be used as a phone too!

I see you!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Myrna's One: part 2}

It was a great day. I thought having extra kids (2 brought by one of the players and the neighbor boy who kept popping over made the grand total to 7 kids) over while hubby played his star wars game with his buddies was going to be more difficult then it actually was. Thank goodness for crafts that include paint, marker and crayon!

These images were taken after lunch but before the cutting of the cake. The images below were taken with my workhorse camera (aka point n' shoot). Most all of them are strait out of the camera (SOOC, meaning no editing except cropping took place) but a few have been tweaked a little bit in photoshop. Enjoy!

I have rearranged my livingroom

Albertson's gives you a "Free" cake for your little one's first birthday, you know I had to take them up on that!

This was her own personal monster cake!

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