Friday, February 13, 2009

{All ready}

I am all set for my valentine party, not sure if anyone but William, the kids and I are going to be here but either way it will be fun.

(why do I put all this work into these mini parties? No one will show, they never do. It's always some excuse...*sigh* I know why I do it, because the kids love it and really, that's all that matters, right?)

Sam's party was sooo much fun - stressful, but fun. I was the only parent volunteer. I let Aaron's teacher know I wouldn't be there and she was ok with it because she had too many parent volunteers. Sam's teacher was so happy, I think it would have been more stressful for her if no one had showed. The kids had fun though and I enjoyed it despite the awful headache I had afterwards.

I got a call while I was putting up the last of the party decor about my taxes...we are getting money back, nothing like we have gotten in the past but at least it's not like we have to pay out money, which is a blessing! It's all going into savings...

William's dad really misses us, I think we may go see him during spring break, but we will see. The roads may not be so kind up North. If we can't make it we sure will make it during the summer!! We sure do miss him, he is a terrific grandpa and it's always nice to hear from him.

We got a small manila envelope in the mail today from William's mom - no note inside just pencils w/child valentines attached to them. One for each of us. I am sure she got my letter and I guess this is an olive branch for her. William was just annoyed. The kids liked the pencils because they had Star wars and Cinderella on them. They sharpen horribly though.

(have you noticed how pencils just are not made like they used to be? Seriously, what's up with sharpening a pencil only to have the lead break when you start writing or drawing?)

Sam's friend came home with us from school. They played their hearts content out, although with three boys in the house it just got sooo loud I had to force them all outside to play - literally. Once they got outside & I had some peace for a moment they started having fun outside too and it was hard to get them back in for dinner.

(why are boys so much louder then girls? Is there a volume knob that I just can't find? Seriously where is the remote to turn 'em down a notch?)

Sorry for the ramble but I am still up due to the fact Ruth had an accident and woke up screaming because she was laying in pee. So off to the bath for her while I changed her bedding and pulled out some new undies.

(really I am happy she is in "big girl" panties but wish she would wear a pull up to bed until she can remember to wake up to go potty at night.)

Well, I better go...I am sleeping on the couch, listening to make sure no little ones wake before I do in the morning. I am going to make heart shaped pancakes for the kids. I think they will like that.

Night all...or morning depending on when you read this...

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  1. Honestly, what IS it with the pencils, especially the cutesy ones? Drives me nuts too. Good for you for being such a help in the classroom.


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