Monday, February 2, 2009

{Suicide Squirrels}

(image found on the internet)

That's right, I said it! I live around suicide squirrels! They hide behind the trees, fence posts and at the very last possible second they run out in front of MY car! I have yet to hit one, but this morning it was a close call for one little squirrel who just wanted to throw himself under my tires.

Do you think they need Prozac to help with their suicidal tendencies? Is it just the squirrels who live around here who are trying to throw themselves under MY car or are they trying this all over the world?


  1. Oh yeah, we have lots of them. Gotta love it when they get out in the middle and dodge back and forth so you don't know which way to swerve. Of course the deer are quite suicidal too!

  2. I am the one that needs the prozac. We have those squirrels to. I have to dodge them and then I am totally stressed out for a bit. Funny post. Love it.


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