Saturday, February 28, 2009

{Doodling & My Day}

I woke up at 7am without the alarm (we keep it turned off during the weekends), and I saw the most beautiful sunrise. No pictures but it was breathtaking from my kitchen window as I filled the dishwasher with last nights dishes. Just stunning. Of course afterwards I got online and I found this article on yahoo about doodling and how it can help you stay a bit focused on your work. Below is a quick blurb from the article.

(Researchers in the United Kingdom found that test subjects who doodled while listening to a recorded message had a 29 percent better recall of the message's details than those who didn't doodle. The findings were published in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

"If someone is doing a boring task, like listening to a dull telephone conversation, they may start to daydream," study researcher Professor Jackie Andrade, of the School of Psychology at the University of Plymouth, said in a news release issued by the journal's publisher. "Daydreaming distracts them from the task, resulting in poorer performance. A simple task, like doodling, may be sufficient to stop daydreaming without affecting performance on the main task.")

It really was an interesting little blurb - see, there is a method to my doodling so I can focus better. Who knew I was helping myself focus!

Today I is my photography meet-up in Nampa - YEAH!! (yes, I will have pictures!). I am also going to be going to a "game night" with my friend Carla. I think the kids will have fun because there will be other kids there too to play with & William will be able to have some guy time. (he probably won't like it, but he's doing it for me - I really hope he has a good time.)

I finished Sam's b-day invites and will have them all printed out sometime today before I leave. I am hoping that before the meet-up that I can find the last party things I need for Sam's party. (super hero themed! which btw I found 5 superhero toppers for his cake (superman, spiderman, batman, ironman & the hulk)). He is going to be thrilled. I only need to find a pinata for a reasonable price and some "super hero masks" for the kids to decorate!

Anywho, my uncle is going to watch Patten, because he wouldn't like being in the car all day and yes, he will miss us but he's starting to warm up to Clay so it should be a good bonding experience. (let's hope)

I hope everyone else's day is good. I know mine will be, at least I am going to try to make it that way!

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  1. I just popped on here and didn't have much time to explore, but you have a fun blog and I hope to be able to come back when I have more time.

    Interesting about the doodling. I'll have to remember that!


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