Thursday, February 19, 2009

{Motherhood: It's hard but worth it}

I have always wanted to be a mom ever since I was little. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be I would say "A Mom". My answer never changed and even as I grew older and still got asked "What do you want to be?" I would still answer "A mom" and then a follow up question would come "No, Seriously what do you want to be?" and my answer would be "No, really I want to be a mom"

Even after living as a REAL LIFE MOM for almost 8 years now, I still would do it over again, knowing how hard and challenging it really is. They don't cover all the things you have to deal with or the struggles that you will face as a mom. The books don't cover all the advice and annoyance you will have with others who "only want to help you be a better parent" or the odd things you will catch yourself saying like "Don't look up the manikins skirt, I know she doesn't have underwear, maybe she can't afford any...No you can not put those underwear on her, they are not paid for...." or "Don't hug your sister so hard....No you cannot squeeze out her eyeballs"

Life with kids is much harder then I thought it would be. You think your prepared but really your not. It's about 75% hard work and under appreciation and only about 25% rewarding. I really do love being a mother and all the kids antics, ploys and lovable moments are sooo worth it. (the percentages vary from day to days it's more like 25/75 others it's 90/10)

I know my life would be way easier if I didn't have any kids but it wouldn't be more filling or enjoyable without them. Sure, William and I could do what we wanted when we wanted to but we wouldn't be laughing everyday at the silly things the kids say or enjoying a nice cuddle at the end of the day or experience the wonders this world has to offer thru the eyes of a child.

This time is fleeting with the kids and I want to enjoy it fully because soon they will be all grown and starting families of their own...really that time isn't soo far off 10 more years Aaron will be 18...

Not long ago, 10 years seems so far away and now 10 years seems way tooo close for comfort.


  1. I feel this same way. I LOVE being a mom. I do know how fast it oldest is 21. 21! How did that happen?! Enjoy every minute...even the hard ones.

  2. What a beautiful post. I know what you mean even after raising two kids. I look back over those years and realized I missed so much because we were so involved with life. I have a 9 month old grandbaby and he smiles when I see him. He reaches out for me to hold him. He leans into me if sitting my lap and he kisses me in his so sloppy way. All these things I really don't remember with my kids and I miss that. You are right you will blink and all those precious times you have now will be gone. They will grow up so fast. I love you that you always wanted to be a mommy. I always wanted to be a mommy. My daughter has always wanted to be a mommy and she is the best mommy. I know you are too. We those of us who always wanted to be a mommy are a sisterhood I guess. And so my little sista I pray for you that God will give you strength,courage and patience and a huge memory.
    Hugs and Blessings,


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