Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{Portrait of my children}

Imagine that your most wonderful and happiest dream is rudely interrupted by the darn alarm clock, harping and buzzing that YOU need to get up.

Imagine that when you go to wake the boys with whom your alarm was telling you to get up for were snuggly sleeping soundly and grumbled and swatted away your hands while mumbling for you to "LEAVE ME ALONE".

Imagine waiting for the water to boil for 20 minuets only to discover you forgot to turn on the burner.

Imagine kids cranky because all they got was toast & scrambled eggs instead of oatmeal w/raisins.

Imagine trying to help one boy get dressed while trying to help the other with 3 days worth of homework because he forgot he had it stashed in his backpack.

Imagine trying to get your stubborn boy to just put on a pair of shoes - ANY shoes so he won't be late for school all the while he is running around looking for the mate to HIS favorite shoes.

Imagine ridding in a car with 2 boys who are crying because life isn't going their way.

Imagine accidentally getting smacked with 2 backpacks while the boys pushed past me to get away from me and get into their classes.

Imagine riding back and seeing a beautiful sky that was brilliant colors while the sun rose above the clouds.

Imagine walking into the house to a screaming little girl...

Needless to say my day started off a bit wonky but here is what the kids looked like by the end of the day....




1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah, I've definitely had days like that! Beautiful pictures of your little angels though!


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