Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have noticed that not only have my tastes changed food wise over the last few years but my music tastes have changed too. I am not finding the same pleasure in the songs that I once relished. I used to think as I grew older things would just stay the same with the exception of my body getting older, but now my illusion is shattered and I am trying to "find" myself again musically. I guess I must just be having a musical mid-life crisis. Who knew it could happen!

December I will be 30, I don't feel that "old". I remember when I was in my teenage years and my Uncle was all excited he was turning a quarter of a century (25) and I thought "WOW, that's old". Now here I am on the cusp of 30 thinking "It's not that old, but really it is!" I was asked a few days ago the horrifying question: "So, How old are you now?" of course I almost said 25 but then was hit wit the realization that I am almost 30. When did that happen?

I still can't believe that William and I have been married for over 9 years and have a son whose going to be 8 in June. When did time decide to go so fast? I feel like it's just shooting by at lighting speed and if I blink I will miss out on everything! It seems just yesterday Aaron was placed on my tummy while his great grams cut the umbilical cord. Now he's going to be 8!

I can't believe Sam is 6! It seems like yesterday he was looking up at me with his toothless grin and now he's in kindergarten on his way to being a wonderful young man. And Ruth was just placed into my arms and now she's 3 and quite the little independent sprite. She is growing too fast! They all are. Who said it was ok for them to grow up?

Although time seems to go by so fast today, some days it feels like the days go on for years...isn't it amazing how our perception of time changes? Tastes are just the same and I am not sure I like how things just up and change without consulting me

On a completely different topic, we are making head way with our debt and it's slowly going away! By this time next year we hope to have our own house!! I am so excited about that prospect. We are thinking about Weiser more and more, it's such a nice area with lots of green and trees. Something we both need and not to mention it's got a good feel about it too. We let Clay know what our intention are and that we will only stay until the end of next school year. Being here has helped us more I think then it has helped him. Even though I resisted the idea of being here instead of renting a place twice as much (and with much more space), I am glad we did it. It has put us in a much better place financially! I really need to stop resisting William's ideas. He is always right and I should just resign to that fact.

Next month we are going to go to visit friends and family in the Portland area!! I am really looking forward to it. I am thinking about doing a few photo sessions while in the area, if you are interested and want pictures taken, leave me comment and I will contact you and set up a time.

Well, I better get back to cleaning up for Aaron's early birthday party. School gets out on May 21st and he wanted his school friends at his party so we are doing it a month early...he is so excited!!

Back to cleaning I go.

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  1. Gah! I have one that just turned 18 and is graduating from high school. Talk about time flying!

    Good for you for getting out of debt!


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