Sunday, May 24, 2009

{the Mundane}

Saturday, my Dad and Kitty came over for our, NOW, weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons. They came over in the afternoon and it was sooo much fun! We made cookies, the kids crawled and climbed all over their Grandpa Barry and Ruth loved curling up in Grandma Kitty's arms and sitting on Grandpa's shoulders. We started the game after dinner and boy was it fun! I am really enjoying spending time with everyone.

Sunday, aka Today, I went to church and took all three of the kids with me, seriously what was I thinking when I was just not feeling so well...actually the boys were great, it was Ruth who decided to throw a fit and not go to class! I missed out on Sunday school and almost missed out on Relief Society too, but my dear visit teacher came and got her and coaxed her into her seat with the sunbeams. (Thanks Jen!)

Once I got home I took a nap as I was becoming quite the bear w/an injured paw. Snarling at everyone. The nap helped a bit but not really. I decided I would go out and relieve some of my tension and take a few snaps of the new blooms in my neighbors yard. They have such a beautiful yard with lovely smelling blooms.

Ruth tagged along and we also snapped a few of her in her playhouse blowing bubbles. I feel more relaxed but still feel icky. I hope tomorrow is better and my mood isn't as sour. (Lord help me!)

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