Monday, May 11, 2009

{Stitches & View}

So I had to take Ruth to the ER - she now sports 3 new stitches on her chin. She fell on the cement sidewalk around our place and I figured she just scratched her chin but when I was cleaning it up I knew she would need stitches and sure enough so did the doctor at the ER.


btw here is the view again from my kitchen window - this one was taken outside my kitchen window so it's at a lower angle...



  1. Poor little Ruth!

    That is a gorgeous view from your window. I wish I had something like that to look at when I look at my windows.

  2. YIKES!

    My daughter cut herself in the exact same spot!

    the view from your window is incredible! I'm Jealous.


  3. Oh, ouch-ouch-ouch Ruth!

    And Beeee-utiful view! Wow!

  4. lovely view. Looks like somewhere in Utah, but that's just a guess. ;)


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