Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{I'll be happy when...}

I was listening to Dave Ramsey on our local talk radio station while going to pick up Aaron from school, (only one more day left til they are out of school for the summer!!), and Dave was talking about those people who make the excuse for not being happy because they will only be happy when/if "_______" (fill in the blank). He talked about the number one financial tip is to be content with your life and not let "stuff" consume your life. Because if you had all the money in the world you still would not be happy.

He is so right and not only does it apply to your financial life but to your personal life as well. "Stuff" is not going to make you happy but the life experiences you have with those around you. Do you think that you'll only be happy if you go on that cruise around the world, the trip to the Bahama's, see the Eiffel tower? Do you think you will be happy when you get that new car, go to the fancy restaurant or get a bigger RV then "The Jone's"?

Do you have "stuff-itis"? I know when I first got married my hubby and I got stuff-itis really bad and had to have everything we saw. We got into debt buying things that I don't even have anymore. But that was short lived and we hit bottom fast. Now we don't care what "The Jone's" have and we don't care where they go or how much money they spend. We learned that if we don't have the money in hand for it, it's not really that important and can wait until we do have the money. We are happier now that we are not being bonded by our debt. Yes, it's hard to pull out of it but we are doing it and it really has been a great blessing and comfort to know that within the next year or so we will be out of debt. We don't need to go and spend tons of money to have a good time. There are so many things that don't cost a dime and can be just as fun as going to disney land.

During the LDS April 2009 Conference Elder Robert D. Hales gave a talk entitled "Becoming Provident Providers Temporally and Spiritually" in which he talks about debt and how we can over come when we "covet".

...When faced with the choice to buy, consume, or engage in worldly things and activities, we all need to learn to say to one another, “We can’t afford it, even though we want it!” or “We can afford it, but we don’t need it—and we really don’t even want it!”

It really is a good talk (all the talks are exelent but this one just stood out to me). Not only did I hear it at conference but I also was reminded about it when my home teachers came over and spoke about this talk as their lesson.

I hope that this helps shed light during this "economic crisis". I know there are lots out there who are struggling and I understand, I have been there and know that "this too shall pass" and the Lord won't give you anything that you can't handle. Have faith and do what you can to get out of financial bondage and be free.


  1. It's all so true! I find myself doing this a lot with milestones in my life "When Joe gets out of law school..." "When we have kids..." but we have to enjoy the journey; that's what it's all about!

  2. Yep, this is great stuff. One of my personal soapboxes, actually (wise-minded, budgeting, frugal living).

    Stuff is just that...stuff. It can't really make you happy. And you can't take it with you.

    Have you read "The overspent American" by Juliet Schor? Great book, was written years ago but is very timely for our economic downturn right now.


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