Monday, May 18, 2009

{Making Friends}

I have decided to make a huge effort to get to know more people at church and become friends. Last Thursday I went to "the taste of homes" for a Relief Society activity (you take a dish that compliments the theme and bring copies of the recipe for those who come). It was a ton of fun and I got to meet some really nice gals. Afterwards I went to DQ with a few of the gals from church to celebrate one of their birthdays. It was such a nice experience.

While writing this I was invited to go to the park to join the "mommies and me" group by one of the mom's in the ward. I think it will be super fun and the kids would love to get out and get to know others in the ward too.

I really am trying to put myself out there and start having "adult" contact to help keep my sanity. I am thinking about doing a BBQ for a few of the families in my ward so that I can get to know them outside of church activities. I just need to figure out which month I want to do it in.

The push came when I got a no show/no call for Aaron's party and I realized I just needed healthy relationships with people who are not out to use me or get something from me for free. I need friends who will follow thru on their word and if they can't, they call to say so and not ignore my phone calls about what's up. I am soooo tired of being ignored and ALWAYS having to be the one to call & make plans and then have NO SHOWS or NO CALLS. It really has been frustrating. I am just so tired of excuses and I have had enough!!

I know I sound needy and DARN IT I am! I want friends I can count on and who don't find it a hardship to come and visit me once in a while and who actually call me just to say hi and I want a friend who wants to spend time with me not just because I can take their pictures for free!

I have a great friend that we played Dungeons and Dragons with back in Portland (they would drive an hour both ways just to see us and we would do the same for them) and I am looking forward to spending time with her and her hubby when we go down there for vacation but I really need some friends who live here. I NEED the contact of Grown-ups. I love my kids and enjoy being a mother but sometimes it's just nice to talk about grown-up stuff instead of about cartoons & crayons.

Have I mentioned that I have been crying at the drop of a hat lately? And over stupid nonsensical stuff, like writing this post I am already getting weepy. It's annoying because I don't cry at the drop of a hat! I even cried while watching "The Avatar" with the kids. The particular episode wasn't even sad...(Yes, I am going to go get a test and see if I am preggers...fingers crossed)

I have been uber moody lately too, even hubby has commented on it - I really need to get the hormones under control. Sometimes I wish I could just control my emotions like "Spock" does and be all vulcan like or even android like "Data". :-)

Anywho, need to get lunches figured out for the kids. Thanks for listening to me ramble on about something that is not really important, but really it is, at least to me.


  1. Way to put yourself out there! Joe told me recently I need to make a few friends or get a hobby :) He's right, but it's hard to find the motivation to do either! So I will also try to make a bigger effort to at least meet a few more people at church (I make the excuse that it's a little hard being in primary, but still...)

  2. I love you Arya! Anyone is lucky to be your friend. You are very considerate to others, giving, friendlly, easy to talk to, kind hearted, funny, etc... I could go on and on. You really are a great person!

  3. Thank you Jen. I really needed that pick me up. I have been feeling a bit alone here and just need to put myself out there (out of my comfort zone).

    Britt, ya know I miss having Enrichment every month just because it was really my own social time with most of the women in Relief Society. I just need to figure out what all the groups are now...I hate the separation.


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