Sunday, May 10, 2009

{My Mother's Day}

My day started off great, William let me sleep in (a little too late in but it was still AWESOME). I got to take a nice LOOOONG shower and then I got Ruth dressed for church and then gave the boys their clothes for church. After about 30 min I hear fighting and then Aaron screaming and coming out with 2 long scratches across his chest both superficial but bleeding non-the-less. (apparently this is my cue that Sam needs his fingernails clipped - what do you think?)

Well I cleaned up the wounds and found out they were fighting over who got to wear the marvel comic shoes and finished getting ready for church. I left Sam at home with William because I just wasn't in the mood for more fighting in the car or at church.

Once we got to church, Ruth didn't want me to leave her alone in the primary room, I missed out on the Sunday school lesson and almost missed out on Relief Society too, but Ruth finally realized she would get snacks and get to have fun if she went with her sunbeam class instead of having to sit still next to me...

I was so glad I was able to go this time to Church because I realized just how many friends I have in this ward. I was really humbled and appreciative of the show of love and concern over my well being.

When I got home the kids started fighting again, this time it was Ruth with Aaron and it just kept going on and head hurt so much that I asked William if it would be ok for me to just take a quick nap, he said yes and I crashed...

When I woke up, yes the kids were all fighting but I was more prepared for it...I guess Mother's day is just another day, only with more fighting (I guess that's what the kids thought I wanted as my gift), Oh, well, there is always next year, or my birthday.

How was your mother's day?


  1. Oh! I'm sorry you had a cranky Mother's Day :( Oliver's gift to me was staying in Primary and his Sunbeams class the whole time so I could go to Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society. I haven't been in 4 months. Little ones just don't know its Mother's Day and they are supposed to be angels, it'll get better when they are older and you can use this one to telll them about later and score extra nice gifts.

  2. This sounds like my family, too. A friend at church asked me today what my kids did for me for Mother's day. I answered in all honesty: "Fights and tantrums."

    Well, there's always next year, right? ;)

  3. Sometimes you just have to be thankful for the long shower and call it good! My mother's day was pretty good--it was all about the food: strawberry waffles, chocolates, bbq chicken and pudding pie (and then a long walk hoping to burn just a few of those calories off). Oh yeah!


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