Saturday, December 20, 2008

{Bright Start}

This morning I woke up to my alarm going off and got breakfast ready (oatmeal and honey, yummy!) The kids love it and it's warm for the body since these coooold mornings have been bringing a chill to the house.

I took a shower and when getting out I smiled as I could hear William and the kids playing "monster" (this is where William chases the kids around yelling "roar" while trying to grab them) It was nice to hear the laughter.

So here I am all clean and ready for the day. Yesterday was a relaxed one filled with lots of happy wishes from friends and family and it was only marred by Ruth calling me "stupid mommy" because I told her to go to bed - it was bed time after all.

I have lots to do today, going to the dump, moving stuff from storage to storage and organizing my bedroom & of course folding laundry.

Hope your weekend is jammed packed full of fun and chores like mine is.

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