Monday, December 15, 2008

{Internet woes}

I have not been captured or tortured by Santa for saying he's not real - my internet connection has been extremely slow! slower then dial-up even. Right now we have satilite internet and apparently it's a revolving credit and not a set amount for our pay period...blah, blah, blah...all I care about is when I need my internet it's too slow. I found out that possibly we might be able to get DSL thru Qwest (hate the company but will be willing to deal with the "devil" persay to get faster internet that is a consistent speed). You will know if we get it when I post "Whoopy" we got DSL... Please pray that we can get it here "in the middle of nowhere but really somewhere".

I wish that being in a civilized community meant everyone gets access to REAL internet and can have cable if they wanted it - instead of sticking me with crap internet and no cable...

Don't get me wrong I am enjoying where we live, it's a great place for the kids, however I don't love the long distance to the grocery store that carries the items I buy or the intermittent internet so that I can't do the things I need to do for my business or the fact that the school bus won't drop the kids off in front of our home but will pick them up in front of our home...BUT I guess I have to take the good with the bad right...always compromising to be at peace (most of the time).

We should be all hooked up with REAL internet by the 16th. (fingers crossed). I hope they are not joshing me and are correct that we now live in their service area for can only hope.

I feel like putting my head down sometimes and just screaming into a pillow. I get so frustrated at not having the same convinces I had in the area we lived in before. It would just be nice if things worked out the way I had wanted them (as in moving closer to both the VA & places I knew we shopped at for groceries) but William likes this area and is happier here. Again compromises to keep the family happy (not so much me, but if I can get my internet working the way it was when I lived in Aloha then I will be happier too).

*Sorry about the rant, I am feeling closed off here, almost like I was abandoned and someone took away my cell phone so I couldn't contact anyone for help*


  1. i feel for you! we used to have a costco, walmart, and target (not to mention tons of other stores) just a 5-minute drive away. out here, they are spread far apart, more expensive, and not open as late. i've started ordering whatever i can off amazon! makes you thankful for the little things :)

  2. We used to (up until a month ago) be very rural and I know what you mean. I was able to get DSL here and am very happy with it. I still have to travel a ways to a big supermarket and to the next county for Walmart, but at least I'm a bit more civilized now. Here's hoping you get your internet up and running better soon!


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