Friday, December 19, 2008

{Pictures from the week}

I have lots of images and so this post is going to be jammed pack of the last weeks images I have taken but never could because of the poor internet connection - but now that I have a great internet connection (yipee!!) I am finally able to post snipets of our lives. Enjoy

DECEMBER 10th, 2008:

Here is the kids playing "Tag" with William. It was fun to watch & even the dog got involved. This of course happened before the cold snap and snow happened - as you can tell by their lack of coats.

DECEMBER 12th, 2008:

The first snowfall of the year! The kids woke up to find a nice dusting of snow and there was no stopping them as they rushed to get all bundled up to have some fun in the snow. It was so fun to watch them - but soon the cold got us all and we went in for a nice hot cup of coco. They made snow angles and I think I am going to need to get Patten a little snow coat, he was shivering as much as the kids. Enjoy!

I also took some pictures of the baby gerbils whose eyes had not quite opened yet later on the 12th. Stewart, the daddy (white), just loves my camera and loves to be touched and will even let Ruth love on him a bit too.

DECEMBER 18th, 2008:

We got a Christmas goodie box from my mom earlier in the week and it had stained glass ornaments and gingerbread man to decorate. So of course I got everyone involved and we all had a blast - well I did anyways and so did the kids. It was hard to get Ruth to quit & Sam too once there was nothing else to decorate.

DECEMBER 19th, 2008:

Well, here we are all caught up and guess what today is - MY BIRTHDAY!! yep, I am one year older and really not that much smarter (I don't But my baby gerbils are another week older, just look at their open eyes and yes, Stewart is a camera


  1. Great photos!and cute gerbils. They grow really fast! Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi! I love your blog-I'll have to try to make my own little TV's those are cool. Gerbils! Been there, done that. They were really fun for a while, until they started mutiplying alot! We had trouble telling the boys from the girls. They are lots of fun to watch though and make great kid pets.


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