Wednesday, December 17, 2008

{Internet YEAH!!}

HoooRAY! We now have a stable internet connection - something that won't fluctuate and will stay the same!! You have no idea how good I feel to have my "life line" back. Now I just need to finish getting the master set up so I can get my computer hooked up in there - but that may take a few days yet - I hope the kids don't mind my computer being on the

In an hour or so I will have to load up the car and get William to his VA appointment - yep, the kids will miss a day of school because it's so far from our home that I wouldn't be able to get back in time to pick them up. I feel bad but until we can get the shuttle thing going w/the VA this is how it has to be...I hope it's not to slick going to Boise.

While talking to my mom on Sunday I asked her if she was going to go to church and she said she was BUT they canceled Church due to the snow - and I was like "it's snowing here, why did they cancel church? After I said it I remembered she lives in the Portland area and any type of snow be it powder or not they slow down to a crawl and in some cases like this last Sunday shut down completely. I told my mom that the schools here don't shut down for snow, I asked - they just laughed at me. Apparently school has been shut down for a few days due to the snow fall there. Isn't it odd? Well it is for me. It's nice to be in an area that knows what snow is and doesn't freak when it falls - now when it rains that's another

Well, I need to pack lunches for our trip and snacks for the car and pick a few new movies for the kids to watch. Tomorrow they have parties and then they start winter break. Should be fun - I am scurrying to find indoor activities for the kids to do because they just don't like being so cold outside and only stay out about 10 to 15 min at the tops.

Hope you all have a great day & are enjoying the Winter Weather!

PS Friday is my birthday...the BIG 2-9! One more year until 30.

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