Tuesday, December 16, 2008

{Brighter Outlook}

I want to apologized for calling the area I live in "un-civilized" - it's not, it's just different from what I am used to. I do love the area and the people who live here. It's less hassle and not so hurried. I do miss my connection to my family & my blog. I have pictures that I can't upload right now because my connection is to slow, and I found out it won't be until the 18th that I will have internet...{sigh}

I have been working on planning for Ruth's birthday (the 27th!). It's going to be princess themed, I am going to make a castle cake (nothing fancy or too big but it will be pink - Ruth's favorite color), craft projects - decorating sugar cookies & making crowns and possibly a scavenger hunt. I am still working out the details but I did make Ruth's invite & will be mailing them out today.

I am slowly but surely getting things into order around the house and it's starting to feel more and more like we live here and are not just visiting. I found a big box that I am going to turn into a play house for Ruth's room - I think she will really like that.

Christmas is going to be simple, just the kids, William and I and my Uncle. Dinner will be simple - Ham & vegi's and I even think I will bake a pumpkin pie. I know I will do a craft with the kids that we can use for next Christmas or we may just send them to family for them to use next year. Whatever we do it will be fun & full of happiness.

It snowed most of yesterday, just a dusting but it was beautiful and peaceful. Apparently, Patten got run over yesterday too while I was gone running errands with Aaron. William told me about it, he looked fine and was running and jumping and acting like himself, he had a bit of blood around his nose and one eye, but no other sign that he had been hurt. The gentleman who ran him over came and asked William if our dog was ok - A wonderful person right there, because most wouldn't do that. He said he was sure he didn't get run over by the tire but he did hear a thump under his truck and just wanted to make sure our dog was ok. How wonderful is that!! Never have I had a person come and ask if our animal was ok if they had hit them. (see another reason this place is AWESOME!) Patten looked good this morning and is bouncy as ever. I think he just got his head clipped under the truck - only a small rattle of his brain - William says it will make him smarter...

It's a bit warmer today, tomorrow I take William into the VA, the kids will miss a day of school but then they go back on Thursday to fun filled parties! Then their winter break starts. I am not going to do anything for my birthday but I was sure happy when I got a very pretty dragonfly necklace from my mom in the mail on Monday with a card that was from my grams stash - it made me cry, not in sadness but in joy at the memories I have of my grams and the knowledge that she still plays a huge part of our lives even though she is gone. Ruth, of course, loves the necklace and has already tried several times to claim it as her own...Thank you Mom for remembering me this year and remembering my love of dragonflies and sending me a great reminder of grams!

Well I have lots to do today before I go to the cookie exchange for enrichment night. I made chocolate chip cookies w/drizzled chocolate on top. I think it will be fun and great way to get to know some of the women in the ward. I hope William doesn't get too stressed with the kids, but Clay will be here to help too. I pray the kids don't get to wild while I am gone.

Hope you all are enjoying your day! I know I am.

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