Sunday, December 7, 2008

{The True Meaning}

This past week while trying to get ready for Christmas after cleaning up from Thanksgiving, Aaron asked me about Santa Claus and if he was real or not. I don't believe in sugar coating these types of issues (this includes the tooth fairy, easter bunny and other such fictitious characters). I told him that no Santa Claus is not real but long ago there was a person who did create toys for children but he has since died and now his story has grown and grown into what it is today, but that it's just a story - a nice story - but still a story.

I thought the matter was taken care of until Thursday night when he came home and told me that his teacher wouldn't let him write in his journal about Santa Claus being fake. And he asked me again and I told him that Santa Claus is fake and it's just a story and Christmas is about the birth of Christ not about some fat man riding a sleigh drawn by 9 reindeer who can fly, delivering toys to good boys and girls. I wrote down the word "CHRISTmas" with the CHRIST part in capital letters and told him that Christmas is about celebrating Christ and all he has done for us and how we are blessed because of him and that is what we celebrate. I also told him I would talk to his teacher to find out the real story the next day since I was going to be there anyways volunteering in Sam's class.

Well this is how my visit went with Aaron's teacher - Aaron told all the kids that Santa was fake and DEAD. Of course the other kids said "NU-UH!" and told him I lied to him and he got all mad and said "My mom doesn't lie and Christmas is about Christ, not some FAKE fat man" and when the teacher said that the whole class just needed to drop the subject, Aaron proceeded to draw a Santa Claus with a big "X" drawn across him with the words "Santa is FAKE!" and silently hold it up to the kids pointing at his drawing. Well I told her his behavior was not acceptable and that if she has a problem with him to tell me but to accept the fact that we don't believe Santa is real and it's just a nice story told at this time of the year.

She didn't have to come and get me. So I assume it's all settled now. (at least until I hear about it again, I'm sure)

So onto another topic that's sorta related - I LOVE to browse blogs and especially the mormon mommy blogs (link located in the sidebar) because it has lots of blogs to choose from and the admin just updated their blog lists so it shows the most recent blogs at the top of each section so I don't have to sift as hard. Anywho, while pursuing I came across Musings of Mommy Bee and just loved the you tube video she had of the song by Point of Grace called "One King" (btw one of my favorite songs and can't seem to find it for my playlists...grrr) so I snagged her you tube video so you could hear it too.

(be sure to turn off my playlist at the bottom of the blog before you play the video)

My uncle brought home 3 big boxes of Christmas stuff that belonged to my Grandparents. I now have MY wall hanging that I made in 1986 @ school of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. I used aluminum foil, saran wrap, permanent marker and glue to create this fun little wall hanging that was up every year for the holidays. I also have their "3 wise men" made from brown bottles (assuming beer or old rootbeer glass bottles) with fabric robes, Styrofoam heads and ornate head gear. (I will have to re-glue the head to one the green one as it fell off when we took it out of the box.) I also found the Mr. & Mrs. Claus candles - they are sooo old, but too cute.

It really is nice to have these items out, it helps to feel as though my grandparents are close by. I really do miss them a lot. Some days it's hard living in the house they lived in and looking at certin places of the house and having all the memories we shared here wash back and knowing they won't be here for another holiday. I mean I know I will see them again - just not until I die. *sigh*

(Ignore me, I am a bit weepy today - it's that time of the month, I'm sick and my grams passed in December - it's just been kinda rough this weekend - memories just keep flooding back from holiday's past)

Anywho, here are the decorations I was rambling on about earlier...(I actually think I will do the project with the aluminum and saran wrap with the kids - it's easy and fun! plus I have lots of supplies on hand for that project.)

(click to view larger)

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  1. GREAT to hear there's someone else telling their children the truth about Santa. He was a nice old man but he's not the reason we celebrate Christmas. Have a wonderful, blessed and CHRIST-filled Christmas Arya!


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