Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{Camera Stuff!!}

Review of Shabby Straps

I received my straps in the mail today! WHOO HOO! I am super excited and so impressed with the way they were presented. I ordered them on Saturday and was super pleased at the speedy shipping. And how could I not love the NIKON embossed on the strap too (in the black), ya know cause I am sucha nikon girl myself!

Please note the shop has lots of other items for not only SLR cameras but for point and shoots as well. Now go on and check out the fun store on etsy!!


I also wanted to share my experience with B&H photo.

I ordered another Nikon D200 so I would have a backup as well as a battery grip, extra batteries, lens, red crumpler bag & some more memory cards. I received my packages this morning and BOY was I impressed. Everything was there. I ordered the D200 used and while looking it over noticed they forgot to include the battery charger (they sent the cord but not the actual charger). When I called they were super nice and shipped it out for me, no worries. (this is not always the case with most online retailers but I had absolutely no problems!)

I highly recommend that if you can't find what your looking for - camera wise - check them out. You won't be disappointed.

As you can see I think I met my goals for my biz stuff this year, I still want to get samples and such done but it can wait for me to save up some more money. But I did get the bag I wanted - the red 7 million dollar crumpler - IT holds everything that I own camera wise. Both bodies & 4 lenses, flash, light meter and all the memory cards and other misc stuff I need. It's perfect!! of course if I want to hold more stuff I will have to upsize but it's perfect for everything I have now.

I am feeling awesome and not sick at all and receiving my packages today has me on cloud nine. Because I have been so sick lately I have missed a few Sunday's of church and yesterday I had three people call me to see how I was doing and if I wanted to go to a stake enrichment - it really made me feel accepted here. I can't wait to finally feel well enough to go to church w/ all three of the kids. They have missed it and so have I.

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  1. I have wondered about B&H. I have wanted to get a few things from them but am aways hesitant about online purchases.

    Those straps are awesome! congrats!


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