Thursday, March 26, 2009

{Day 4: Horse Bite & more news}


Ruth wanted in on my picture taking this morning...

Well this afternoon I am going in to get my Mirena IUD removed so William & I can try for baby number 4. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I asked the kids if they wanted "mommy to have another baby?" and they all said "YES!"

Of course, they all had different reasons: Aaron's being we needed to have another girl to make our family EVEN. Ruth's was because she wants a real baby to play with and Sam said because he wants a baby brother.

I am thinking about stocking up on diapers - sizes 1 & 2. I have a crib & mattress from when I had Ruth, but I don't have any baby clothes - that's something I will have to stock up on too, not blankets though, I kept those...silly how you keep some things and don't keep others...

Anywho, I hope it's easier for them to remove the birth control then it was for them to get it in - my Uterus was inverted when they tried to put it in 3 years ago - lets hope it's normal now.

William is excited too, but nervous as well. But I know he enjoyed watching Ruth grow and develop and will enjoy watching number 4 do the same. He missed out watching Aaron grow from age 6month to 1 year due to basic training and He missed watching Sam grow from 6 months to about age 2 due to being deployed overseas. But he did get to watch Ruth grow thru the whole process and now he will get to do the same with number 4.

Well I better go...lots to do before my doctors appointment.

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  1. That's exciting! Cayden prayed for a new baby in our family a couple of months ago and Faith asked me this week when I'm going to get pregnant again. Not quite ready to go there yet, but Brenna will be 2 in another two months! I can't believe it.


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