Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{World Water Week}

Jan wrote on her blog about World Water Week and I wanted to share her words with you all and remind you of this great fundraiser by Unicef! You can find out more info at the TAP PROJECT homepage. Thank you Jan for the reminder!

Two years ago, UNICEF started World Water Week—a fundraiser where you can pay $1 (or more) for your normally free glass of water at a restaurant. Every dollar donated can provide a child clean water for forty days. World Water Week has now grown to be a nationwide movement and this year it's happening March 22-28. Find out the nearest participating restaurant and more about the project here. Spread the word! It's easy and can do so much good. We are so very lucky to live as comfortably as we do.

Below is a fantastic video that was created by students from BYU's advertising lab to promote the event in Utah.

Utah Tap :: Here's to the World from Mike Morris on Vimeo.


  1. I fell in love with this idea too. I just hope they have a place for us around here to participate. Isn't that video fab?

  2. Thanks for posting this! I am trying to spread the word to let people know that I was not the only one who worked on this!

    Mike Morris: Motion Graphics / Art
    Billy Reano: Art
    Chris Rodriguez: Art
    Tommy Currit: Art
    Logan Tanner: Copy/taglines
    Music: "Mother Nature" by McKay Stevens

    I'm not sure where you're located but if you go to:

    you can look up all the participating restaurants by state!

    Hope this helps! Please keep spreading the word!


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