Sunday, April 26, 2009

{Cleaning up}

I have been working all weekend to get my bedroom back to being a bedroom and not a storage room. I took 4 boxes to the storage unit, cleaned out my closets and got rid of one of the dressers that we never use.

While at the storage unit I found my cookbooks & the lid to my crockpot (yeah!). Of course I found some more books to read (my stack of books by my bed is growing) and I also found some CD's I burned years ago and thought I would play them - boy has my taste changed is all I can say.

I even organized the master bath so that everything is accessible by both William and I. Of course I am sure it will be all jumbled up before the end of next week but at least it's looking good now.

I got my desk cleared off of papers that just seem to pile up around the computer...I never saw a sign that said "dumping grounds" but that's what my desk looked like before I cleared it off. Now I can get to my printer without having to sift under papers for it and you know what? I found two jump drives I had been looking for.

It really is nice to have a clean room again, well mostly clean - I still have some odds & ends that need to find homes but for now it's fairly clean. At least I am not tripping over boxes or over piles of stuff that mysteriously appeared on my floor (from the car I might add).

I know what I really should do and that is just purge again because I just have too much stuff taking up more room then I have available to me. But I know if I do that I will only go out and purchase it again once we buy our own home, so off to storage it goes. I have been pursuing craigslist to see if I can find "the" bedframe I want and have seen things I want to get when we purchase our own place and have to stop myself from going and putting it in if it's a great deal I don't need to fill my storage unit! or do I?

Anywho, I need to get started prepping for dinner. It's such a beautiful day today! Blue sky, fluffy white clouds and crisp green showing in fields while a soft refreshing breeze blows the newly grown leaves from side to side. Ahhhh, what a day!


  1. organizing and purging can be so much fun! We've been doing some spring cleaning here, too, and getting ready for a monster yard sale as a result.
    Btw, found you on Mormon Mommy blogs.

  2. You have inspired me to become like you. Great job and glad you have done so much. Wow.


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