Sunday, April 26, 2009

{Cool or Uncool?}

My husband just told me about his theory on why we don't have many friends:

"It's because we have kids. Don't you know that today's generation doesn't want kids and they won't be making hybrids for families because having kids is just uncool. And that is why we are uncool and won't have a mini-van hybrid to look forward to and that is why we don't have any friends!"

Of course I laughed so hard I almost pee'd my pants. Seriously, I have no friends because I am uncool BECAUSE of my kids? Well, I do have some friends, just none who live close to me.

He also started ranting about "over population" and how we are making enemies everywhere because we are planning on baby number 4 and those people will put us on their hit lists with all the "other mormons who can't keep their legs crossed."

Of course he was just joking as we were watching some show on PBS about global warming, unclean water, the need for non-gas cars and so on.

So what is your take on kids? Are they uncool or cool? Did you lose your friends because you "got knocked up"?

I didn't lose any friends when I got preggers but I do find it harder to go out to a movie and dinner at a nice restaurant because it would cost waaaay too much to take everyone, so instead I wait for it to come out on DVD and make it a special night with popcorn and other fun foods to snack on. It's more cost effective that way. Ya know with the "recession" and all.


  1. WAY cool! I'm jealous...I can't meet anyone in the ward 'cause we're one of the few without kids. They all get together while I'm at work; I'm totally out of the loop!

  2. I think having kids is COOL! Look at the popularity of shows like John and Kate plus Eight and the Duggars-people think it is cool to have kids. I so don't get the overpopulation thing. Dude! We live in Weiser, there's plenty of room out here :)

  3. I think it's cool, but my lack of friends would have to disagree. heh heh. I think at 29 years old, with a kid and a husband, most of my old friends are just in different phases of their lives now. they either have a lot of kids, or are totally career oriented with no kids. (sucks to be them. :)

  4. Most all of my friends now have kids. Our ward has LOTS of families with young kids. The majority have 4 & 5. I'm one of the fewer who only have 3 so far, but I'm also the youngest in my group of friends. One friend has her oldest daughter babysit so we can hang out and play games. Friends with babysitters is an added bonus. Any families at church with kids you can hang out with?

  5. Kids are cool! Who needs friends when you have fabulous, funny, crazy kids to hang out with? I do wish I had a few more grown up friends to hang out with, but when you have kids, sometimes that takes up all your social time.


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