Thursday, April 23, 2009

{Reads this month}

So because I wanted to refresh myself on the books I have in my storage unit and finish the series I had started so long ago, (aka before kids). I thought I would compile them for my own benefit and feel as though I have accomplished something:

I started this month off with:

Piers Anthony's "Mode Series"

1. Virtual Mode
2. Fractal Mode
3. Chaos Mode
4. DoOon Mode

and then moved on to:

Nora Roberts "Irish Trilogy"

1. Jewels of the Sun
2. Tears of the Moon
3. Heart of the Sea

and then continued with Nora Roberts "Three Sisters Trilogy"

1. Dance Upon the Air
2. Heaven and Earth
3. Face the Fire (I finished this one this morning)

I am now going to re-read Cathrine Hart's "Silken Savage" and then go to the bookstores to find some of the books you all have suggested...Gosh, 10 books in 23 days! I wonder how many I can read next month?

Do you have a favorite book that you enjoy re-reading and if so, what is it?

I do notice that most of these were romance novels - but I do enjoy all sorts of books and any and all suggestions are welcomed!


  1. I don't think I would ever tire of reading the Twilight sereis. I've read Twilight and Eclipse twice and will reread New Moon before the movie comes out in Nov( they're filming now).

    Another really good book is These Is My Words by Nancy Turner, if you like historical fiction.

  2. Just read this book, Don't Die My Love-see review on my blog. It was just a sweet sad love story. I too like all sorts of books. Always wonder if my friends on think I'm ADD, with all my random book choices. You should sign up over there at goodreads-friend me and we'll share what were reading!!


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